Enjoyment Completely Offered

Yutang Lin

The enjoyment of my body is completely offered;
Could it be just a saying of mouth and an idea in mind?
Food, drinks and clothing are offered to Buddha first;
Better things are presented to others and use only the rest.


In the gatha of Three-Kaya Mandala Offering, it is said, "The enjoyment of my body is completely offered." When we practice this, it should not remain just a saying of mouth or an idea in mind, rather we should guide our lives in its light and learn to place Dharma practices and services above personal enjoyment. Right before eating, drinking and wearing things first think of offering them to Buddha. When we have superior quality things, first consider how to offer them to Buddhas and teachers, or to give them to friends and relatives, or to donate them to people who will have better use or in need of them. A practitioner should be content with using only the ordinary quality things, or wait to use the leftovers of Buddhas and teachers. When presenting things for fire puja or Dragon vase offering, one should offer the best items one has or the things that one treasures the most, instead of keeping the better things for oneself. In short, a practitioner should consider everything as being offered to Buddhas already, and oneself as being only an attendant in the service of Buddhas. (Dharma services to the public are services to Buddhas.) Therefore, a practitioner's share of enjoyment is to be considered as blessings or even leftovers from Buddhas. Sincerely think in this way and act accordingly, only then can one make Dharma the master and oneself the follower. Thereby one will gradually emerge from the stereotype of self-centeredness, and become a useful instrument of the Dharma.

Written in Chinese: February 28, 1999
Translated: September 12, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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