Hail to Medicine Guru Buddha

Yutang Lin

Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who leaves no details untouched!
Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who comes in person to teach!
Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who has corrected my posture!
Medicine Guru Buddha, the father who empathizes so subtly!


Feelings of gratitude occasionally need to be expressed in speech or words, or even through cheers spontaneously. In recent days I have deeply felt the grace of constant blessings and teachings from Medicine Guru Buddha; therefore, this proclamation is composed as a kind of "Hail to the Chief."

The twelve great vows of Medicine Guru Buddha encompass caring for all sufferings of sentient beings; indeed the great compassion would leave no details untouched. Through his grace I received instructions from him in a dream; he said that his statue should be installed for the public to come worshipping. Now in accordance with his teaching I have installed one statue on the altar at home in California, and one on the altar at my mother's place in Taipei. The other day I again received instruction in a dream showing me how to correct my posture; indeed his care for devoted practitioners encompasses all details.

Not long ago I composed "A Ritual for Daily Practice of the Medicine Guru Buddha." In the early morning of the next day I saw in a dream a large courtyard with many lotuses planted in the center, yet there is no water. I walked into the courtyard, stamped once with my right foot, and thereupon, clear water filled the floor to cover the roots of these lotuses. I suppose that this dream signifies that this ritual could irrigate and nourish practitioners who are dedicated to the teachings of Medicine Guru Buddha. The first edition of this ritual has been given to interested Buddhists, and there is only few copies left. Right now the second edition is being printed, with an appendix added, describing the inspirational events that took place in Hunan, China when the ritual books were received there. Buddha's grace is also in keeping with the interdependent origination of things. I have received special blessings because I had contributed to the composition and distribution of this ritual. To repay Buddha's grace, it is not just a matter of cheers and hails; I should endeavor to propagate the practice of this ritual so that all would enjoy similar or better blessings.

Written in Chinese: February 18, 1999
Translated: September 10, 1999

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