Holy Statue Installed as Instructed

Yutang Lin

Medicine Guru Buddha instructed in person to install a Tibetan statue;
Auspicious conditions have since gathered smoothly and reached completion.
Precious appearance is majestic with spirit vividly alive;
Devotees all receive blessings through making prostration and offerings.


Previously the Medicine Guru Buddha compassionately granted the instruction to install a Tibetan style statue of His Holiness so that many people may come to worship it. In January while staying in Taiwan I asked Tan Seong Yeow to look for a proper statue for me. He generously offered me one, and I have installed it on the altar of my family in Taipei. He also found a larger one in a store. The storeowner was a Buddhist Tibetan who was so kind as to let us have it for less than half the listed price. This one is now installed on my altar at home in El Cerrito. Both statues in Taipei and El Cerrito look majestic and vividly alive. May people who have the auspicious connection with Buddha could come to pay respect to the statues so as to receive the blessings, and thereby reduce their karmic hindrances, accumulate merits and develop wisdom. In Taipei one Upasaka who came to do prostration to the statue had confided to me that he sensed a tremendous power of blessing.

Written in Chinese: February 6, 1999
Translated: September 8, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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