Meeting Liewuli

Yutang Lin

Jewels-vomiting pet in the palm of Vaisravana Heavenly King,
Resembling a mouse of brown color with size equal to a fox.
Next morning will be fire offering to express sincerity,
Tonight appearing in light to grant auspicious sign!


In late January I performed a fire puja to Vaisravana Heavenly King at Tan Seong Yeow's retreat place in Hua Lian, Taiwan. The night before that, I saw in a dream Liewuli appearing in light. It faced me squarely, staring at me, then turned around and disappeared. It is the jewels-vomiting pet held in the left palm of Vaisravana Heavenly King. The one I saw was of brown color, with lighter shade, almost white, abdomen. Although its shape resembles a mouse, its size is about that of a fox, and it has a prolonged trunk. The sponsor of this fire puja had made every effort to provide offerings of superior quality and varieties. Among the items offered are Bodhi branches, powder of five kinds of gems, powder of five kinds of minerals, etc., and the firewood used are of the precious Taiwan cypress. Such devotion had moved the protector Heavenly King, and caused the sending of his favored pet to grant us an auspicious sign in advance. Indeed the inspiration is like echoes in a valley. The following morning during the fire puja, the fire appeared, as dragons, lion, Buddha, etc., and there were many other auspicious signs that I omit to mention here.

Written in Chinese: February 2, 1999
Translated: September 8, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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