Looking around in Space

Yutang Lin

Clear brightness above clouds in boundless blue;
Indistinctly forming a scenery are objects below on Earth.
Winding flows of running dots are known to be cars;
Searched all around but could not find the shape of a human.


During flight one can see the sunny sky above clouds as a boundless space in blue. Sunyata is boundless and encompasses everything; it may be likened to this blue space. Objects on Earth may indistinctly be distinguished as mountains and hills, rivers and streams, lakes and ocean, towns and wilderness that knit into a continuous piece of colorful varieties. On slender roads flows of cars can be seen running through. Looking in all directions still could not find a shape of human. It seems to enlighten one as to the minuteness of one person. Based on such awareness one would yield prejudices, habitual tendencies, preferences, demands, etc., which are rooted in grasping to one's self. Thereby it would be easier for one to attain the truth that is open and boundless as the unfathomable space.

Some Buddhists like to label one another as "comprehend mind and see nature," or "already enlightened." As for myself who has practiced Buddha's teachings for many years, the real enjoyment and advancement on the path toward liberation is derived from a genuine respect and gratitude toward others, which in turn sprouts from a realization of the insignificance of one's self and the equality of all beings.

Written in Chinese: February 2, 1999
Translated: September 7, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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