Appendix to the Diamond Sutra

Yutang Lin


Disengaged from both right and wrong to merge into non-dual;
Negating as being insubstantial could eradicate entanglement.
Syllogistic denial and confirmation lead to lively usage;
Buddha, is non-Buddha, is named "Buddha."


In my Chinese article "Essentials of the Diamond Sutra" it has been pointed out that there are three types of arguments in the Sutra to avoid dualism: Disengaged from both right and wrong, negating as being insubstantial, and syllogistic denial and confirmation. For details please read my book in Chinese "Yang He Zhai Ming Jing Ji." ("Collection of Expositions on Sutras from the Study for the Cultivation of Harmony") In this sutra the pattern of "A, is non-A, is named ‘A’" is used to free attachments to everything. Nevertheless, some followers of Buddha could not help but maintain attitudes and behaviors that are confined by "Buddha." Therefore, I offer the statement which is not spelled out in the Sutra, as an appendix to it. May Buddhists be reminded that "Buddha, is non-Buddha, is named ‘Buddha’," and become thoroughly emancipated.

Written in Chinese: January 26, 1999
Yang He Zhai at Taipei
Translated: September 6, 1999
Yang He Zhai at El Cerrito, California

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