Use Body and Mind Well

Yutang Lin

Body and mind left idle would easily become dysfunctional;
Transcending laziness depends on regular exercises.
Constant practice would mature into ingenious uses;
Breakthrough in services comes from developing potentials.


Idle mind and body easily become sluggish or ill. Regular exercises using pure applications of body and mind such as walking, chanting the name of a Buddha, prostration to Buddha, playing health balls, reciting sutras, meditation, deep breathing, etc., maintained over a long period of time would, not only diminish the habit of being lazy but also mature such applications to the level of ingenuity. Human potentials are often left undeveloped throughout life, and become useless at death. What a waste! Putting body and mind to good use could help fully develop all potentials toward making contributions to the society, so that this life does not become worthless. May all those who are dedicated to improving themselves and the society would pay attention to this point.

Written in Chinese: January 2, 1999
Translated: September 4, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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