Recognize Clearly the Goal

Yutang Lin

The goal of Buddhist practices is to attain emancipation;
Wish each and every sentient being return to purity.
Tinted slightly by worldly ways or grasping to formality,
Would be detained in stray route and lose the prospect.


To walk on the Buddhist path one should recognize clearly that the goal is to work for the ultimate liberation of all sentient beings. Therefore, from time to time a practitioner should carefully reflect on his own thoughts, speeches and actions to make sure that all are in accordance with this goal. Otherwise, the endeavor could easily be tinted with worldly considerations or become bounded within the framework of mere formality. Earnestly engaging in the pursuit of Enlightenment would, in the long run, greatly purify the practitioner and the public, and furthermore, through praying could help sentient beings in distress and suffering. All such benefits which are beyond worldly imaginations have nothing to do with either worldly recognition or efforts limited by grasping to formality. This gatha is composed to awake practitioners who go astray. May it help reduce the number of deluded roamers.

Written in Chinese: December 30, 1998
Translated: September 4, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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