Sublimate through Enlarging

Yutang Lin

What is this moment's thought lingering on?
From which to extend beyond all boundaries.
Merge into oneness uniting the Dharmadhatu;
Constantly seek Bodhi for all sentient beings.


The current thought could hardly be free from self-centeredness, and easily would fall into entanglements. If it is extended to the sufferings and sorrows of all sentient beings everywhere in the past, present and future, then it would readily transcend the confine of one's self, and merge into oneness with the Dharmadhatu. Based on this merger which is in accordance with Buddhas to pray for speedy attainment of Bodhi for all sentient beings, then the thought is sublimated into a thought of Bodhi. If a practitioner could sublimate each and every thought in this way, then it would be quite easy to abide in liberation, and equally benefit all sentient beings.

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