Within or Beyond the Ordinary

Yutang Lin

Practicing Dharma in daily life seems within the ordinary;
Association with and treatment to people appear to be partial.
Yet actions and inactions are solely in accordance with the Dharma;
No longer a victim of personal antagonism and criticism.


Practicing plainly the Dharma in daily life, there is nothing special. Such a life appears to be very close to the ordinary. In choosing associations and weighing treatments there seems to be an element of calculation and personal favoritism. If the considerations and decisions are based solely on how the Dharma should be practiced and propagated for all eternity, then it is no longer a matter of personal entanglement in sorrows of gratitude and resentment. The resulting actions of such a choice may appear to be in confrontation with some others? and yet when viewed from the long-term consequences of the propagation of the Dharma, there is indeed no antagonism involved. It is only a matter of undertaking the heavy load of maintaining the wisdom lives of all sentient beings.

Written in Chinese: December 28, 1998
Translated: September 3, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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