Opposite Directions of Same Principles

Yutang Lin

Rushing toward opposite directions each reaches the extremes;
Courses being so far apart, none can tolerate the others.
Objectively follow the paths to observe their evolution;
The principles involved are yet basically the same.


Yesterday I performed fire puja to the Green Tara. In the morning before woke up, I received instructions in a dream. The main ideas are: "As to the paths of good and evil, if one is not grasping at the appearances, then one would see that both paths follow the same principles of causes and conditions." In the world it is often the case that each holds to one side, and the resulting antagonism is like the intolerance between fire and water. And yet the courses of evolution of these sides, when objectively observed, could be seen to follow the same basic principles. Those who aspire to attain liberation should avoid prejudiced grasping to appearances and sides, and yet based on abstract principles of the evolution of causes and conditions, to deduce behaviors that would avoid conflicts among people.

Written in Chinese: December 14, 1998
Translated: September 2, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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