Praise to Two-arm Mahakala

Yutang Lin

Wisdom protector originated from Adi-Buddha,
Immovable, humble and mighty over evil.
Imitating such a model, practiced in past lives;
Body and mind still observe the accustomed mode.


Guru Chen taught that Two-arm Mahakala is an incarnation of the Adi-Buddha. As a wisdom protector he can help practitioners realize Sunyata. The significance of his attributes are as follows: black color represents immovable loyalty, short and small size signifies humbleness and obedience, muscular body implies valor and strength. Some practitioners who had practiced this deity as Yidam in past lives would born as short and small, with mind firmly dedicated to the Dharma.

Written in Chinese: November 10, 1998
Translated: August 29, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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