Compassionate Instruction from Medicine Guru Buddha

Yutang Lin

Attendants led the way with Dharma conches resounding;
Medicine Guru Buddha kindly taught to install his statue.
Tibetan style holy sculpture unifying emptiness and existence,
For all to worship and thereby purify illusions and confusions.


This morning I went to offer Dragon vases and release lives. Right before the alarm watch rang at five o'clock, in a dream I saw the Medicine Guru Buddha. At the beginning several attendants appeared one after another; their sizes were gradually larger and larger. The last ones blew Dharma conches and the melody was resounding. Then Medicine Guru Buddha appeared. He kindly instructed that a Tibetan style statue of himself should be installed, allowing many people to come to worship it. Then he himself transformed into a brass statue in sitting posture. It was a little smaller than the size of an ordinary adult. The statue was empty inside, and the whole body consisted of horizontal short stripes that are intersected with empty space of same shape and size. I think such an intersection of emptiness and existence indicates that the meritorious appearance of a Buddha is in harmonious union of Sunyata and wondrous existence. Its Tibetan style implies blessings of the tantric lineage. In the world of all kinds of delusions and confusions people have all sorts of illness and suffering. Medicine Guru Buddha granted this compassionate instruction so as to provide a convenient way for people to obtain relief through worshipping. People who make offerings or prostrations to this statue of Medicine Guru Buddha may thereby reduce their karmic hindrances and accumulate merits, and gradually attain peace and ease in their lives. Ultimately in this way we could even transform this muddy world into a peaceful Pureland. I would follow this instruction and realize it when the conditions meet so as to benefit many people. Yesterday I composed "The River of Lives"; today I was blessed with this inspiration. The compassionate vows of Medicine Guru Buddha to protect sentient beings would respond to my thoughts for sentient beings so immediately as echoes in valleys.

Written in Chinese: October 27, 1998
Translated: August 28, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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