Praise to the Vaisravana Heavenly King

Yutang Lin

The Northern Heavenly King well-known as being generous,
Bestows Dharma treasures and worldly wealth as needed.
The grandeur of your palace is beyond imagination.
The future of dedicated practitioners is arranged by your grace.


Vaisravana, the Northern Heavenly King, is generous in alms giving and famous. Once he used his head to push aside a rock to protect the Buddha; in order to safeguard Buddha and the Dharma, he acted in spite of his own life and body. Whenever Guru Chen performed fire puja to the God of Wealth, it was to Vaisravana. In the ritual it is made clear that Vaisravana is a generous provider of not only worldly wealth but also of merits and realizations of wisdom and compassion. Practitioners depending on his blessing may obtain all kinds of help to meet their needs, without worry of wants.

Once I saw in a dream his palace whose grandeur is beyond imagination, with everything made of lustrous jewels. My permanent residence in the United States was given a sign of approval then in advance by his attendants. In recent years we have been performing fire pujas to him on every Thanksgiving day to express our deeply felt gratitude.

Written in Chinese: October 21, 1998
Translated: August 26, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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