The Great Offering of Dharmadhatu

Yutang Lin

All the treasures in the Dharmadhatu are completely offered;
May the great awakening to the oneness of all prevail.
Not in the least to arbitrarily embezzle others?possessions,
But all sentient beings of one mind to have everlasting peace.


In tantric practice of offering, through visualization all treasures in the Dharmadhatu are offered to the holy beings. A practitioner should understand that this is not an instance of arbitrarily embezzling others?possessions, but rather an offering based on the understanding that all sentient beings would long for emancipation from the suffering in transmigration, and that to achieve that goal the offering would increase their merits and enhance the opportunity for their earlier realization of perfect enlightenment. In short, it is an offering made by all sentient beings of all their treasures to pray for the speedy realization of enlightenment of each and every one. Thus, it is an act of the whole Dharmadhatu for its own benefits and should be free from the tint of individual arbitration or embezzlement. Based on this correct understanding, the practice of the great offering of the Dharmadhatu could lead to the submergence of ones self into the boundless oneness of all.

Written in Chinese: October 5, 1998; Mid-Autumn Festival
Translated: August 24, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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