Reflecting in Light of the Dharma

Yutang Lin

The flow of causes and conditions leaves traces to follow;
Rules holding in all places do not aim at specific targets.
Who could qualify for judging and criticizing others?
Reflecting in light of the Dharma to discharge attachments.


The flow of causes and conditions is traceable. Buddhist teachings are based on such rules, and hence possess universal validity but without aiming at criticizing any particular persons or events. For example, the teaching on "no grasping" is not to be employed for criticizing others as being stubborn, but simply to indicate the guiding principle leading to emancipation. If we were to criticize or judge others as right or wrong, good or evil, then who would be all knowing, all seeing, righteous and fair to qualify for such undertakings? A practitioner should understand the above, and reflect on ones own speeches and actions in light of the Dharma to purify the mind and discharge the bondage of all attachments and graspings. Practicing in this way would be solid and unassuming.

Written in Chinese: September 27, 1998
Translated: August 24, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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