Even Pavement along the Reasonable Path

Yutang Lin

Following or reversing the sequence of conditional origination
determines the accumulation or dissolution of entanglement.
Pacifying illusions and acting in accordance with reasons
is to walk along a smooth path of even and wide pavement.
Even though hindrances and tragic accidents turn up occasionally,
still there is no regret or disturbance of inner peace.
Having in mind only compassion and empathy for the deluded ones
who are suffering in confusion and far away from being at ease.


Just as Buddha taught that following or reversing the sequence of twelve conditional origination would lead to entanglement or liberation, in daily life if one can purify ones mind through Dharma practices and services, observe the causal conditions of matters, and act in accordance with compassion and tolerance, then one would enjoy peace and ease for long. Even when one encounters unjust or unfortunate circumstances, one who understands the above and has kept up with life accordingly would pass through difficulties with serenity, transcend mental torture of incessant preoccupation, and feels pity and sorry for those who are committing irrational and violent acts because they are still swirling in confusion and delusion. Life is pitifully transient, and yet there is still no time in sight when such persons would understand the proper way of life, change their behaviors, and then enjoy peace and harmony.

Written in Chinese: September 16, 1998
Translated: August 18, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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