Idealistic Talk over Devious Action

Yutang Lin

Talking about Bodhi and yet acting on self-esteem,
Others?rights and benefits are bluntly pillaged at will.
Hairlike profit at present is not worthy of consideration;
Right Dharma for all eternity does not practice favoritism.
Disregarding the lineage loses the root and fountain;
Good faith once trashed, cooperation no longer possible.
Climbing trees to seek fish, such a way toward liberation;
Waiting by a trunk for rabbits, just as long to remain in suffering.


People engaging on the Buddhist path definitely should avoid the practice of acting willfully in the name of Bodhi. Disregarding others rights and benefits, and even criticize their objection as "grasping." Once good faith is broken, such a person would be left alone; furthermore, due to the willful karma committed, would remain in transmigration for long.

Written in Chinese: September 16, 1998
Translated: August 17, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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