Relying on the Dharma to Sail across

Yutang Lin

With intention to give advice, yet difficult for it to be accepted;
Without power to enlighten delusion, easily become worrisome.
Keep thinking about and suffering so much could not be emancipation;
The cycle of advice and arguments would seem like futile competition.
Practicing in accordance with the Dharma and mind gradually broadens;
Compassionate teachings spread equally to all and mature the recipients.
Sooner or later the fruits will yield according to causes and conditions,
The Dharma ferry is always enlightened to help sentient beings sail across!


Practice in accordance with the Dharma, and propagate the teachings equally to everyone interested, then salvation could last for long term to help all. If any insistence on some particular place, time or being is involved in the salvation activities, then it would be inevitable that worries would mount and poor results yield despite great efforts. Knowing what to keep and what to renounce at this juncture would render Dharma practice and propagation effective, continuous and fruitful. No hurry in saving others at a certain time; the quest for Enlightenment is a matter of all eternity. To benefit oneself and all others, there is only one correct way of directing all efforts toward the promotion of understanding and practicing the right Dharma.

Written in Chinese: August 4, 1998
Translated: August 15, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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