Reaching All Facets

Yutang Lin

Originally in oneness and yet with multiple facets;
Within each facet again there is the division into sides.
ot to fall into being one-sided" should be thorough,
Reaching all facets to achieve union in oneness.

Worldly criticisms and suggestions, which ones to go along with?
Involvement and withdrawal, are they consistent with intention?
In harmonizing oneself and others, inner and outer experiences,
Do not leave out dreaming, sleeping, and staying awake!


It seems that in Dharma practices one easily leans towards paying attention only to the waking state, and thereby overlooks the unity of dreaming, sleeping and waking states. "Not to fall into being one-sided" is a common saying, and yet it is not easy to realize that being partial to the waking state is a violation. Recently this reflection has shed light on my mind, hence I write this gatha to share it with all.

Written in Chinese: July 13, 1998
Translated: August 14, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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