Reflection on Dharmadhatu Meditation

Yutang Lin


This life viewed from limitless time and space,
One chestnut in great ocean, unworthy to mention;
Once space and time are harmonized at this instant,
Carrying the past to initiate the future in omnipresence.


This life, when viewed from the Dharmadhatu, has no Self to worry about. Encompassing the Dharmadhatu at this instant would shed light on the truth that one activities should be guided by what would stand verywhere for all eternity.

Written in Chinese: After practicing Dharmadhatu Meditation on April 30, 1995


The thought at this instant is connected with the whole totality,
Yet in recognizing one tree the whole forest is reduced to oblivion;
As the Dharma eye is clear, illusions suddenly fade away;
Limitless-oneness has always been calling to awaken!


One thought is the Dharmadhatu. Due to attachment, it becomes a hindrance, and the whole totality is lost in confusion. Returning to original purity, there is no traces of karma. Then the constant call from the Dharmadhatu to awaken is obvious; what a pity that it was not noticed while in confusion.

Written in Chinese: After practicing Dharmadhatu Meditation on May 5, 1995
Both translated: August 8, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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