Praise to Red Chenrezig

Yutang Lin

Extramundane Great Compassion Ocean in union
With Secret Wisdom Dakini,
Using four arms to expand salvation activities
In pacifying, enriching, inducing or eradicating;

Endowed with five Yidams in the five chakras
Constantly turning the wheel of the Dharma,
Wisdom and Compassion fused in limitless-oneness
To rescue all beings in countless inconceivable ways;

Shining forth luminous lights of five colors
To enlighten the whole Dharmadhatu,
Sentient beings are all under the warm blessing
Of merciful protection and guidance;

The inexhaustible fountain of the compassionate minds
Of all Buddhas in the past, present and future;
All beings in peril or despair would call out
To Great Chenrezig for help and refuge!

With transformations appearing all over the Dharmadhatu,
There is no limit in space for your manifestation;
Compassion stemming from oneness in Dharmakaya,
There is no limit in time for your salvation activities;
Unifying Original Purity and Joy in vajrayana initiations,
The ultimate Bodhicitta is planted and nourished;
Merging into the limitless non-dual state through
Displaying illumination born of original purity.
Oh, Extramundane Great Compassion Ocean
In union with Secret Wisdom Dakini,
Bless us, the sentient beings suffering in endless transmigration!

Based on the praises in the Chinese homa ritual text to Chenrezig.
Translated: July 31, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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