In Praise of the Highest Statue of Amitabha Buddha

A gatha composed according to my mother's advice
( The bronze statue is 120 meters in height and located in Ushiku, Japan.)

Yutang Lin

Facing the statue of Amitabha, highest in the world,
Repeating prostrations in worship, in thee I take refuge.
Standing alone like a giant in the memorial park,
Just as a mother unwilling to leave her deceased children.

Buddha’s mind empathizes the suffering sentient beings,
Wishing them to awake soon to purify their own minds.
His compassionate eyes are gazing at beings in transmigration,
Hoping that all minds would open up to boundless clarity.

Transient lives of fleeting mirages, sooner or later, would end;
Grasping delusions and chasing illusions, when will it cease?
His guiding hand lowered to grant deliverance;
Chanting "Amitabha," the faithful ones will attain salvation.

Repeating "Amitabha," one’s mind regains original purity,
Thereby transmuting muddy swamps into blooming lotus ponds.
Coming to the Amitabha statue, unsurpassed on the globe,
Blessed beings are all rejoicing in enlightened liberation.

Written in Chinese: Nov. 21, 1992
Translated: July 24, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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