Pure Melody of Great Compassion

Under the supervision of Guru Lin
Compiled in Chinese by Disciple Wang Hao
Compiled in English by Disciple Ji Hu


I. Refuge (Repeat three times.)

I take refuge in Great Bodhisattva Guan Yin.
I take refuge in the Universal Gates Chapter of Bodhisattva Guan Yin.
I take refuge in Guan Yin Lineage teachers.

II. Bodhicitta

May all beings have happiness and its causes!
May all beings be free from suffering and its causes!
May all beings be inseparable from the joy that is free from suffering!
May all beings be distant from discrimination and preference, and abide in universal renunciation!

III. Visualization

A. Original Purity 

All things are without self-nature, therefore originally pure. (Repeat three times.)

Visualize that all beings and things are originally without distinctions made by consciousness. They merge into limitless oneness and appear as cloudless blue space.

B. Dharmadhatu

From blue space of Blank Essence suddenly emerges Great Bodhisattva Guan Yin who is surrounded by his countlessly many thirty-two-kinds-of-response bodies. Above them are all Buddhas of the ten directions and three times with Buddha Amitabha at their center. Below them are all Dharma protectors such as Bodhisattva Wei Tuo, Bodhisattva Monastery Protector and the eight departments of Buddhist protectors such as heavenly being and dragons. The holy assembly as described above presides in the space above in front of the practitioner.

In addition, the practitioner visualizes that, to his right is father and his left mother, in his front relatives, friends and karmic creditors, and behind him all beings in the six realms (following in the order of hell beings, hungry ghosts, animals, humans, asuras, and heavenly beings), and that all are facing the holy beings. All practices conducted below should be visualized as being performed by all beings simultaneously, and that all holy beings are pleased by the activities so that they all emit lights and sprinkle nectars to bestow blessings.

IV. Offerings

Before starting to practice this ritual one should have lighted candles, burned incense, offered clean water, fresh flowers, fresh fruits, etc. At this juncture one recites the stanza given below, and simultaneously visualizes that all the superb items of offering and means of sustenance in the whole Dharmadhatu are boundlessly offered to each and every one of the holy beings. Furthermore, the holy beings are all very pleased with enjoying the offerings, and they return favors by emitting lights and sprinkling nectars on all sentient beings to bestow blessings.

Flowers and incenses are offered to express ardent reverence.
Banners and pennants are offered to enhance superb grandeur.
Embroidered satin clothing are offered to enhance merciful countenance.

Clean water to wash away worldly dusts,
Jeweled necklace to emit beaming lights,
Treasures and jewelry for leisure delight.

Offerings of foods and drinks carefully prepared clean,
Houses and buildings offered for Dharma congregation,
Singing, praising, dancing and playing music in order to please.

Money and wealth extensively donated to Dharma and charity,
Gardens and lands allocated to build Dharma centers and halls,
Lighting lamps and spraying perfumes to propagate teachings far and wide.

V.  Prostration

Repeat the epithet "Namo Bodhisattva Guan Shi Yin of Great Mercy, Great Compassion, Salvation in Perils and Sufferings, and Great Inspiration" once while making one prostration; do prostration thus six or thirty two times.

VI. Praises
Praise to Guan Yin

White Chenrezi emits pure lights,
Spiritual nature of sentient beings in all directions are revealed!
White Chenrezi enunciates clear sounds,
Sorrows of sentient beings at all times are eradicated!

White Chenrezi always remembered,
Even trapped in the mire of sorrows one is still spotless!
White Chenrezi is the savor,
Reaching all cries for help in perils and sufferings!

Couplet in Praise of Guan Yin

Thousand places praying got responses in all thousand places
Constantly serving as life-saver boat in the ocean of suffering

Hundred times calling for help got consents all hundred times
Repeatedly serving as path-finding lamp on disoriented routes

Supplication to Bodhisattva Guan Yin

Practicing deep wisdom of Blank Essence, and thereby transcending all sufferings,
All things being originally pure, observing sounds to enter deep tranquility,
Wisdom and compassion in harmony, retracing sounds to save beings from dangers,
Applying thirty-two kinds of responses to resolve sentient beings' ignorant grasping.

Prostration in Praise of Thousand-arm Guan Yin

Amitabha Buddha atop to indicate non-duality,
Profound compassion caused head to split into many,
Supplications from thousand places all got responded,
We prostrate to the Thousand-arm Guan Yin!

Wrathful countenance looking down at evils in our minds,
The power of right view scatters away grasping to a self,
Mercy, compassion, joy and renunciation pacified all evils,
We prostrate to the Thousand-arm Guan Yin!

Nine faces at three levels to save beings in the Three Realms,
Three facets as embodiment of wisdom, compassion and power,
Thousand arms with thousand eyes to carry out boundless salvation,
We prostrate to the Thousand-arm Guan Yin!

Sufferings of beings in the Six Realms are incessant,
We are desperate for liberation through your graceful salvation,
Endless compassion has never forsaken any being for a second,
We prostrate to the Thousand-arm Guan Yin!

Praise to Maha-Bodhisattva the Great Compassionate Guan Shi Yin

Veneration in the presence of Guru Gong Ga who is no different from the Thousand-arm and Thousand-eye Great Compassionate Guan Yin!
Veneration in the presence of the combined totality of the compassionate minds of all Buddhas in the past, present and future! 
Veneration in the presence of the holy protectors of the Supreme Ocean of Great Compassion (Red Chenrezi)!

Your inspirational responses pervade everywhere all the time.
Met in Brightness of dream even before I saw you, my Guru!
Prostrating before you who is no different from Great Compassion,
Once met, like old acquaintances, hence I praise Guru at first!

I witnessed the Karma-Vajra sign that appears on your spine.
Dharma King Karmapa foretold in a dream that you are my Root Guru.
Your two upper legs are adorned with signs of a lion and a dragon.
Those are signs of having superior disciples; hence I praise Guru at first!

Transforming into all one thousand Buddhas of the Good Kalpa (Bhadrakalpa),
Hevajra, Chakrasambhara, Guhyasamaja, Kalachakra, Four-seat Vajra, Vajradhara,
And even issued Green Tara and White Tara from your compassionate tears,
Being pitiful of the difficulty to convert beings to the extent of crumbling your own body,
Having awesome power to transform into the Eleven-face Guan Yin
With thousand arms and thousand eyes, and inspired Amitabha's head to join atop.
Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) and Guru Gong Ga are indifferentiable up to now!

Enhancing opportune conditions to help practitioners attain accomplishments,
You transformed into the great protector the Six-arm Mahakala.
Through overcoming adverse conditions to make practitioners more diligent,
You transformed into the evil army of the Heavenly King Mahadeva.

Merits of your bodily activities transform and appear again and again,
Layers over layers, like Indra's nets, indescribable through analogies.
Appearing as Samantabhadra yet with the tongue (talent in speech) of Manjusri,
And blessed with the power of all Buddhas in the four directions, above and below,
Still could hardly praise in reverence the Great Compassionate Guan Shi Yin!
What a pity for this little one who would like to praise but could not exhaust the merits!

In the Southern continent of Jambudvipa, except those who are deaf,
Has anyone anywhere not heard the Six-syllable Mantra of Guan Shi Yin?
Six classes of devil, six kinds of illness, and six sorts of hindrance all destroyed.
Six kinds of damage, bad influences of six constellations, and six poisons all eradicated.
Six karmic sufferings, six passes of difficulty, and six delusions all demolished.
Six kinds of supernatural accomplishment all attained without hindrance.
Beings in the Six Realms all attain Buddha's body in their respective realms.

From beginningless time there are so many practitioners, be they wise or slow-witted,
Through repetition of this mantra they had all attained rebirth in Pureland.
Up until the time when Dharma will eventually fade away in this world
This Six-syllable Mantra will incessantly remain in people's minds.

Among all Sutras and all supreme mantras, those of superior merits
And can benefit people of superior, ordinary or inferior propensities, 
None could exceed the grace of this Six-syllable Mantra.
Not only those maintaining its repetition can obtain superior rebirth,
But also those hearing it, encountering it, seeing it, or even disparaging it,
All will be benefited justly through such connections and none will be left out.

The long Mantra of Great Compassion has long been famous for its inspirations.
The ancients had long passed down legends of how it helped overcome calamities.
Even up to other mantras of other transformations of the Compassionate Guan Yin,
Each and every one of them is none other than crystallization of Great Compassion.

Merits of your speech activities transform and appear again and again,
The Great Mantra Sound pervades the Earth, Water, Fire and Wind Elements.
Appearing as Samantabhadra yet with the tongue (talent in speech) of Manjusri,
And blessed with the power of all Buddhas in the four directions, above and below,
Still could hardly praise in reverence the Great Compassionate Guan Shi Yin!
What a pity for this little one who would like to praise but could not exhaust the merits!

In Salvation Karma you transformed into bodies of Thirty-two Kinds of Response.
Without distinguishing nobilities or low castes, nor recognizing the rich or the poor,
Be they good or bad, all just need to have pure faith in the merciful Bodhisattva,
And none will be excluded from the graceful blessing of Compassionate Guan Yin.

Calamities of water or fire, catastrophe of war or fighting, and epidemics or famine,
All sufferings and hardships born of the Devil of Illnesses or sinful karmic hindrances,
Upon hearing the sounds of beings in distress Guan Yin will arrive to render relief.
What the practitioner seeks to attain, such as the Compassion of Oneness Beyond Causal Connections,
And even up to the Five Wisdoms and the Thirty-seven Bodhi Branches,
Will all be granted fulfillment through the grace of Compassionate Guan Shi Yin.
The Secret-Wisdom Yogini and the four Dakinis in the four cardinal directions,
Are capable of bringing the practitioner supreme pleasure beyond limitations of time and space.
None of them will not correspond through the grace of Compassionate Guan Shi Yin.

For any practitioner who cultivates Sunyata meditation or other practices,
There will be no possibility of attainment without sprouting of the Compassionate Mind.
Embodying the oneness of Compassion and Sunyata is the Compassionate Guan Shi Yin.
All dharmas (things) are originally free in the transcendental state of meditation,
Just as the very profound state in the Gate of Transcendental Wisdom that you entered.
Neither increasing nor decreasing, minds of Buddhas and sentient beings are the same.
Neither born nor perished, and neither dirty nor clean.
Those ancient virtuous ones during their pilgrimages to the holy sites of India
Were saved from perils only through recitation of and dependence on this Heart Sutra.
The wondrous philosophy matches the Great Compassion beyond Causal Connections.
Sunyata is form; thus compassionate vows extend boundlessly without ending.
Form is Sunyata; thus there is neither enlightenment nor ignorance.
Thus sentient beings may safely pass through dangers and obtain wisdom life as a whole.
Such profound grace, layers over layers, when will I attain mutual correspondence,
Harmonizing Sunyata and Compassion in oneness, and become identical with Your Holiness?

Merits of your mind activities transform and appear again and again,
Higher than I can esteem, harder than I can penetrate, as if afar and yet as if near.
Appearing as Samantabhadra yet with the tongue (talent in speech) of Manjusri,
And blessed with the power of all Buddhas in the four directions, above and below,
Still could hardly praise in reverence the Great Compassionate Guan Shi Yin!
What a pity for this little one who would like to praise but could not exhaust the merits!

Sentient beings in this Kali Age are far more difficult to tame than those in previous ages.
I have developed the Great Compassionate Mind beyond Causal Connections as Your Holiness did.
When will I attain the virtues and merits to be in oneness with Your Holiness?
I solemnly supplicate in the presence of the Great Compassionate Guan Shi Yin!

The thirty great vows I made toward salvation at will in the worldly realms,
I am ashamed that due to lack of merits so far they had not been fulfilled.
May Your Holiness grant exceptional blessings by embracing me in your Compassion!
Grant me rapid growth in Great Compassion, Great Wisdom and Great Powers
So that I can save all beings in the Six Realms to adorn the Great Compassion!
T'is so urgent that I couldn't wait any longer, and my compassionate tears are pouring beyond control!
I prostrate and supplicate to the Great Compassionate Bodhisattva Guan Shi Yin,
May blessings be granted so that all beings and I will soon attain Full Enlightenment!

Praise to Red Chenrezig

Extramundane Great Compassion Ocean in union
With Secret Wisdom Dakini,
Using four arms to expand salvation activities
In pacifying, enriching, inducing or eradicating;

Endowed with five Yidams in the five chakras
Constantly turning the wheel of the Dharma,
Wisdom and Compassion fused in limitless-oneness
To rescue all beings in countless inconceivable ways;

Shining forth luminous lights of five colors
To enlighten the whole Dharmadhatu,
Sentient beings are all under the warm blessing
Of merciful protection and guidance;

The inexhaustible fountain of the compassionate minds
Of all Buddhas in the past, present and future;
All beings in peril or despair would call out
To Great Chenrezig for help and refuge!

With transformations appearing all over the Dharmadhatu,
There is no limit in space for your manifestation;
Compassion stemming from oneness in Dharmakaya,
There is no limit in time for your salvation activities;
Unifying Original Purity and Joy in vajrayana initiations,
The ultimate Bodhicitta is planted and nourished;
Merging into the limitless non-dual state through
Displaying illumination born of original purity.
Oh, Extramundane Great Compassion Ocean
In union with Secret Wisdom Dakini,
Bless us, the sentient beings suffering in endless transmigration!

Supplication to Red Guan Yin

Supreme Ocean of Boundless Compassion, father of selfless mercy,
Vajra Yogini, mother of selfless bliss and transcendental enjoyment,
Salvation through your joyful union reaches beings in all directions.
Bless me with realization of rainbow body to succeed your salvation!

Universal Gates Chapter of Bodhisattva Guan Shi Yin in Wondrous Dharma Lotus Sutra

World Honored One with wondrous signs complete
Now I ask him once more
For what causal conditions the son of Buddha
Is named Guan Shi Yin

The honorable one with wondrous signs complete
Replies in gathas to Inexhaustible Intent
Listen you to the activities of Guan Yin
Responding well to all places in all directions

Great vows deep as oceans
Having passed kalpas inconceivable
Attended more than thousands of billions Buddhas
Developed great pure vows

For you I mention them in brevity
Hearing his name and seeing his form
Such mental glimpses would not be in vain
But could extinguish suffering in all realms

Suppose some harmful intention had arisen
And one is pushed into a huge pit of fire
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would transform the fire pit into a pond

Or if one were floating in a huge ocean
And experiencing dangers of dragons, fish and ghosts
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would prevent waves from sinking this person

Or if one were at the pinnacle of Mount Sumeru
But pushed off the peak by some human being
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would sustain one in sky like the sun

Or if one were chased by bad people
And fell off the Vajra Mountain
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would render impossible the loss of a hair

Or if one were surrounded by vengeful foes
Each holding a knife to inflict harm
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would immediately raise mercy in their minds

Or if one were suffering from judicial hardship
At the brink of ending one’s life by execution
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would break the executioner’s knife into pieces

Or if one were imprisoned and shackled
With hands cuffed and feet chained
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would release one from such bondage

Curses and all sorts of poisons
Which were intended to harm one’s body
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would send them back to the originator

Or if one encountered evil Raksasas
Malevolent dragons, ghosts and the like
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would right away stop them from doing harm

Or if one were surrounded by fierce animals
With sharp teeth and claws that are scary
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would drive them hurriedly away in all directions

Venomous snakes and scorpions
Poisonous miasma, smoke and burning fire
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would turn them back automatically

Clouds, drumming thunders and striking lightning
Falling hails and pouring heavy rains
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would right away disperse all of them

Sentient beings are cornered into difficult situations
Countless sufferings are pressing on them
The power of wondrous wisdom of Guan Yin
Could relieve all sufferings in the world

Complete with all sorts of supernatural powers
Applying extensively skillful means of wisdom
In all lands in the ten directions there is
No place where Guan Yin does not appear

All sorts of evil realms such as
Hells, ghosts and animals
Suffering of birth, senility, illness and death
Gradually would all be rendered extinct

View of Truth, view of purity
View of extensive wisdom
View of compassion and view of mercy
Constantly longed for, constantly looked up to

Light of purity that is blemish free
Sun of wisdom destroying all darkness
Capable of pacifying calamities of wind or fire
Universal clarity illuminating the world

Embodiment of compassion with thundering precepts
Merciful intentions form wondrous huge clouds
Pouring nectar rains of Dharma
To extinguish flames of sorrows

In courts due to legal battles or
In battle formation that are horrible
The power of chanting Guan Shi Yin
Would cause all enemies to retreat and disperse

Wondrous sounds, observing worldly sounds
Pure sounds, ocean tidal sounds
Superior to worldly sounds
Therefore one should constantly recall it

Thought after thought, let no doubt arise!
Pure Holiness Guan Shi Yin
In suffering, sorrows, dying or dangers,
Capable of providing a refuge

Complete with all kinds of merits
Watching sentient beings with merciful eyes
Happiness accumulated as a boundless ocean,
Therefore, all should make prostration to Him!

Praise to Kurukulla

Great compassion, responding to sentient beings' capacities, exerts inducing
Thousands of ways and hundreds of plans employed in enticing and converting
Unless all sentient beings have comprehended and attained full enlightenment
Thorough and detailed guidance and encouragement will never cease to function
Supreme merits and wisdom of all Buddhas are hooked by you to spread to all beings
Deluded thoughts and biased inclinations of beings are shot down by your floral arrows
Your ropes of compassion wind around and around lest beings go astray or fall behind
Your joyful countenance attracts beings into practice and realization of lively application
Mother Buddha of great wisdom, displaying all kinds of ingenious and skillful means
Countless Dharma sons and daughters will all take refuge in you and the Triple Gems

Supplication to Kurukulla

Skull crown of Five Wisdoms, human-head necklace to adorn your body, 
Floral arrow on a full bow, nowhere in the Dharmadhatu cannot be reached.
Merciful face full of joy, Sunyata Pleasures relieve hindrances and hardships,
New animosity and old grudges, all evaporated outside the Three Realms.
Guan Yin engaging in inducing and conversion, applying tender approaches as need be,
Hooked stick and hooked rope, bring in beings from afar and attract beings nearby.
Surrounded by embrace so warm, and under gazes so tender,
Bliss of harmony simply thaws and melts, and all sentient beings take refuge in Thee!

Supplication to Green Tara

Homage to the great salvation mother!
Bestow on us attainment of original purity!
Render practitioners free from evil hindrances!
And fulfill the Buddha fruit of wisdom in pleasures!

Praise to Taras 

Taras, the salvation mothers, born of compassionate tears of Guan Yin,
Green Tara pacifies calamities; White Tara grants merits and longevity.
In total there are twenty-one Taras and one even appears to be wrathful.
From calamities of earth, water, fire or wind beings are saved by them.
Delivering offspring upon supplication, up to guarding enlightenment,
Each and every wish, worldly or transcendental, is mercifully fulfilled.
As in deep water and hot fire sentient beings' sufferings are incessant,
Relying on motherly compassion we constantly think of mother Taras.

Praise to Green Tara

Compassionate tears of Guan Yin gathered the marrow of Mercy from all Buddhas
Dispelled devils by fearless laughter to guard Siddhartha's attainment of enlightenment
Rainbow appearance in Potala Cave rendered Guru Chen's personal realization
Universal salvation to all beings from all hindrances, indeed, the savior of us all

Supplication to Green Tara

Marrow of Mercy from all Buddhas, compassionate tears of Guan Yin,
    Moisten and nourish to transform the stubborn and rigid beings
Dispelled devils through laughter, guard and help attainment of enlightenment,
    Dharma practitioners seek and rely on Your Holy Mother's grace
Sacred Potala Cave amid sky and sea, rainbow body surrounded by tidal sounds,
    When will this practitioner personally realize thus
Drifting from realm to realm in Samsara, floating up and down in waves of suffering
    Only Your Holiness is capable of universal salvation

Praise to White Tara

Holy White Tara emits pure lights,
Spiritual nature of sentient beings in all directions are revealed!

Holy White Tara enunciates clear sounds,
Sorrows of sentient beings at all times are eradicated!

Holy White Tara always remembered,
Even trapped in the mire of sorrows one is still spotless!

Holy White Tara is the savior,
Granting merits and prolonging lifespan without discarding anyone!

Praise to White Tara

White light purifies stains, white light increases merits, and white light adds years to life.
Tara guards with compassion, Tara guides step by step, and Tara constantly saves all from calamities.
Wisdom eyes see through everything, wisdom eyes guide onto the right path, and wisdom eyes yield skillful means of salvation.
Guan Yin's tears of great compassion, moisturize minds of all suffering sentient beings, and enable them to attain boundless longevity.

Supplication to White Tara

Situations in the world are daily becoming more dangerous, and peace and safety are shrinking daily, so sentient
beings' lives are fragile and endangered; could it be that your merciful eyes have not noticed these?

Perverse views are in abundance everywhere, violence and turmoil are flowing out of bounds, engaging in Dharma practices had become almost like a luxurious talk; could it be that your compassionate mind has not felt pity for these?

Born of Guan Yin's compassionate tears, as marrow of the loving-kindness of all Buddhas, your salvation activities spread throughout the entire Dharmadhatu; Mother Tara, only you are our refuge and savior!

All realms in perpetual peace and harmony, sentient beings enjoy good health and happiness, and Dharma practitioners attain full enlightenment; Mother Tara, may you grant us your protection and salvation!

Praise to Gem Source Tara

Golden body of pure genuineness
Dharma nature of boundlessness
Expanding offerings born of compassion

Gem vase of pure immaculateness
Profound and expansive merits
Increasing joy and wisdom out of pity for beings

Wondrous cereal of pure profoundness
Full of grains of enlightened attainments
All Bodhi aspirants share their flavors

Wondrous wisdom of pure simplicity
Universal salvation without contamination
Tara, thou are truly Source of Gems

Supplication to Gem Source Tara

Golden Tara holding a treasure vase to relieve beings from poverty,
And a grass with abundance of fine grains to bestow Dharma merits;
Many sincere and dedicated practitioners are often poverty-stricken,
We rely on Mother's gem source to establish recognition of Dharma.

Supplication to Demon Destroy Tara

Wrathful countenance with three eyes shining wisdom lights to scare demons away, 
Palms turning sharp Phurba blades to tear apart all grasping in minds of evil beings,
Ignorant and deluded beings with perverse views and violent activities in the world,
All rely on Mother's demon-destroying activities to attain peace and enlightenment.

Praise to Savior of Earth Calamities Tara

Sky swirled and earth shook, sprang up and caved in, mountains fell apart and rocks rolled down, sentient beings were in deep horror and panic
Buildings collapsed and people died, roads broken and foods gone, injuries severe and illness fatal, to whom could one call for help
Compassionate to all beings' sufferings, diminishing the public karma, blue lights extend salvation, Tara pacifies earthquakes
Precious Dorji wards off evils, and disperses devils of epidemics; merciful power as supporting pillars, reconstruction moves forward smoothly and fruitfully

Supplication to Savior of Earth Calamities Tara

Occurred all of a sudden, no way to prevent or prepare, crushed houses and fell walls at a blink
Sentient beings fragile and endangered, either dead or wounded, protections all disappeared in an instant
Guiding deceased beings to rest and cultivate in Buddha's Pureland, sole refuge after the calamity is Tara
Stopping pains and healing wounds, calming minds and rebuilding community, resumption of security and happiness relies on your merciful kindness

Praise to Six-arm Mahakala 

Suffering of beings in the six realms
Compassion of Buddhas in the six directions
Are all loaded upon your capable six arms

Great compassion of Guan Yin
Great mercy of universal salvation
Great power capable of their realization

Solid virtue unmovable
More obvious in the face of obstacles
Like black covering all remaining colors

Arrived without being supplicated
Dharma is your only concern
Real refuge of Buddha's offspring you are

Praise to Paldan Lhamo 

Guardian mother of the Buddha land among snowy mountains,
Revealed her rainbow body to Guru Chen to resolve his doubt.
Each hindrance encountered was guided through by her grace,
Just as a son attains safety only because of being led by his mother.

Lineage Refuge Tree Supplication

Original Purity, oh, Patriarch Guru Chen!
Vajra Lotus, oh, Guru Lin!
The Right Dharma lineage of Manjusri and Guan Yin,
Harmonized wisdom and compassion to spread everywhere!

Supplication to Guru Yutang Lin 

Arising from original purity of Dharmadhatu, Vajradhara 
Limitless wisdom and compassion, activities of Padmapani
Oneness in harmony emanates an Upasaka’s form.
Please reveal my original face, to you I pray!

Longevity prayer for Vajra Lotus Buddha

Oh, originally pure yogi you are!
Wonderful conversion through Ewam as the Lotus-born Guru; 
The great joy in Sunyata is peerless,
May the Holy Guru live long and abide in this world!

Supplication to Guru Lin for Long Stay in the World and Everlasting Turning of the Dharma Wheel

Tantric teachings of Guru Rinpoche rely on Your Reverence to pass on,
Wisdom lamp of Manjusri relies on Your Reverence to continue shinning,
Marrow of Tang Tantras relies on Your Reverence to reveal and explicate,
Please stay long in this world to benefit all with your salvation activities!

Ever Spreading of the Lineage

Marrow of the Right Dharma passed down from generation to generation,
Succeeding predecessors and leading followers to turn the Dharma Wheel,
Everlasting pure lineage guided by holy Gurus and guarded by Protectors,
A never-ending lamp shining through everywhere to enlighten all beings!

Dedication of Merits for a Simple Sadhana of Kurukulla

May Mother Buddha mercifully bestow her compassionate watch over us
So that all sentient beings would know to take refuge in the Triple Gems
Until we all attain full enlightenment, never to leave us for even a second
So that Dharma teachings will spread far and wide to save all sorts of beings

Dedication for Green Tara Sadhana

Mother Tara's green light compassionately protects all sentient beings
May we be absorbed into this holy light and thereby attain limitless oneness
With realization of the marrow of compassion transform and appear without bounds
Universally save all beings in ten directions to delight Your Compassionate mind

My Bodhicitta Vows

May virtuous gurus remain with us and those departed return soon!
May perverse views and violence soon become extinct, and Dharma spread without hindrance!
May all beings proceed diligently on the path and achieve Buddhahood before death!
May all beings develop Great Compassion and never regress until they reach perfect Buddhahood!
May all beings develop Great Wisdom and never regress until they reach perfect Buddhahood!


Chinese original compiled on July 21, 2008
Lunar June 19, the Memorial Day of Guan Yin's Enlightenment
Joyful Residence
Updated on November 20, 2012

English Version compiled on March 23, 2014
Buddha Settled Residence
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

English version amended on November 8, 2014
El Cerrito, California






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