Fundamental Essentials of a Tantric Practitioner

Dr. Yutang Lin


Disciple Hai Han asked me to expound on this topic, and hence I mentioned the key points as follows:


1.      Bodhicitta

Sincerely aspire to help all sentient beings attain enlightenment sooner, and hence devote oneself to Dharma practices.

2.      Renouncing Worldly Engagements

Without leaving worldly engagements behind, there is no way to concentrate on Dharma practices and activities, and consequently one will achieve nothing.

3.      Following Guru

If one has the opportunity to be received as a disciple by a virtuous Guru, then one should do one's best to attend and follow the Guru.

4.      Perpetual Endeavor

Without constant and continuous endeavors, there will be no fruits eventually.

5.      Solid Practices

Daily engage in Dharma practices according to Guru's instructions. Do not try this and that from time to time as one's interests switch.


If one can abide by the key points mentioned above, then one would become a genuine Tantric practitioner, and could be expected to benefit many people in the long run.


Written in Chinese and translated on March 7, 2011

El Cerrito, California



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