Mantra Song of Vajra Iron-wall

Dr. Yutang Lin


A while ago, during sleep I naturally sang out a mantra song:
Weng Ban Zha La Ka Hong Pei
And the melody is the same as that of the Mantra of Mahasthanaprapta that arose naturally from my mind years ago. It is collected in my work, "Pureland Melodies."

Right then I did not know what "La Ka" means. Later I thought of a mantra, used during offering of mandalas, which goes:
Weng Ban Zha La Ka A Ha Hong
And there the meaning of "Ban Zha La ka" is that the wall of silas surrounds and protects one just as the Vajra Iron-wall Mountains that surrounds and protects fully the Buddhist cosmos.
Thus, this song is the song of Vajra Iron-wall Mantra, and it has the function of providing complete protection.

Here I reverently reveal it to all to benefit all Dharma practitioners.

Written in Chinese and translated on March 4, 2011
El Cerrito, California

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