Mantra of Speedy Accomplishment of Supreme Bliss

Yutang Lin

This morning, right before I woke up, in a dream a group of faithful ones that I seemed to have met in the past came to see me. I told them to do prostrations so as to receive blessings. Then a group of small Lamas appeared. I gently touched the top of head of each one of all present in the dream to give blessings. And then from a state of mind that is completely free of thoughts I sang this mantra, and repeated it until I woke up. While in the dream I did not realize what melody it was, and then after I woke up I realized that it was the melody for the Heart Mantra of Vajrapani that I once sang from my heart. Later today I will record my singing of this mantra for Buddhists everywhere to share.

Mantra of Speedy Accomplishment of Supreme Bliss

Weng Ban Zha Gu Lu Hei Qie

Explanation: This mantra is written in Pin Yin. Weng means taking refuge as a living sentient being. Ban Zha means Vajra. Gu Lu means Guru. Hei means supreme bliss. Qie means speedy accomplishment. Hence, the whole mantra means, taking refuge in Vajra Guru to supplicate for blessings on speedy accomplishment of supreme bliss.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 21, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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