Homage to All Buddhas

Yutang Lin


"Homage to all Buddhas" centers at reverence toward Bodhicitta. Bodhicitta germinates from thinking about salvation of all sentient beings from transmigration in the suffering Six Realms, and it attains completion through merging into originally pure limitless-oneness. Buddhas are sentient beings that have accomplished Bodhicitta.

One thought of reverence to all Buddhas, instantaneously lifts one above worldly considerations, and corresponds with germination and cultivation of the great Bodhi aspiration. One salutation to all Buddhas, be it folding palms together, prostration in small steps or full-length, or a gesture of looking up or kneeling down, instantaneously ceases all worldly connections, and brings about the function of inspiring others to look toward the enlightenment path.

Buddhas are immeasurable, sentient beings countless, while saluting all Buddhas, visualize all holy ones as well as the worldly ones together, then all in the ten directions and three times—past, present and future, are naturally embraced, and merged into limitless oneness.

Homage through salutation hinges on sincerity and faith. Therefore, whether there is image or not in front, one may practice it. Dharmakaya of all Buddhas is omnipresent and everlasting without beginning, and hence any sentient being or non-sentient object in front may be regarded as an appearance of all Buddhas' Dharmakaya, and venerated as such.

Our karmas are heavy and profound, and we are hindered by ignorance and delusions. If we can take refuge in all Buddhas, look up to them whole-heartedly, and daily pay homage to them through salutations, then naturally in ways inconceivable we will receive blessings from them so that our karmic debts will decrease gradually, and karmic hindrances diminish by and by, while merits and wisdom grow step by step.

If, born of sincere reverence, we can practice further in making offerings to Buddhas, attending to their well-being, praising them and spreading the Dharma, then reduction of karmic debts, accumulation of merits, and cultivation of wisdom and compassion will speed up, so that it will become hopeful that we will soon accomplish the enlightenment quest and thus bring much joy to Buddhas' minds, and then we will be able to spread Buddhas' blessings to all sentient beings in everlasting ways.


Upon request from disciple Jing Xing
Written in Chinese and translated on April 11, 2009
El Cerrito, California


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