Epitome of Pure Harmony

Yutang Lin

A female disciple in Bei Jing, China was raised by a nun in her childhood. The nun is addressed as "Shi Ye" (Senior Teacher) by us. Last night through simultaneous transmission of video images and sounds on-line I was fortunate enough to have seen her peaceful and merciful countenance and talked to her. As soon as I saw her face I sincerely poured out words of admiration in a string. On her over-eighty-years-old face there was only peace and harmony, and I could sense her inner purity. Such peaceful and merciful countenance could hardly be achieved in a short time by those of us who are much younger and embarked on the Dharma path much later. It was the natural result of her long life-time diligent and dedicated practices. When compared with the much younger female disciple on her side who is stilled besieged by worldly worries, she appeared to be much prettier.

Our human lives are short and passing through quickly. Living in the world all sorts of incessant disturbances could hardly be avoided. Therefore, in general, people seldom show a smiling face, and instead keep their eyebrows tightly together. Witnessing such a merciful and peaceful countenance was an enlightening experience. If we could comprehend that a life-time of dedicated Dharma practices would yield such wondrous fruits, and do not wish this life be wasted in passing, then we should soon reflect and awake in time to engage in Dharma practices lest the whole life would become a nightmare of being besieged in the city of worldly sorrows. May all those who come into contact with this article become capable of letting go worldly disputes and gradually arrive at a state of peaceful harmony!

Shi Ye, of course, has a Dharma epithet. Nevertheless, this article is not a worldly one that aims at praising one another, nor one aiming at attracting attention to her, and hence I do not try to find out her Dharma epithet. Whoever fortunate enough to have met such senior and virtuous Dharma practitioners would naturally be moved and converted by their peaceful presences.

Here I reverently offer praise to Shi Ye:

In the presence of pure, peaceful and merciful countenance
Words of praise sincerely poured out in a continuous string
Shi Ye converts sentient beings without uttering a word
Universal spreading of spring wind opens minds naturally

    Blessed novice Yutang respectfully salutes!

Written in Chinese and translated on November 14, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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