Yidam Practice

Yutang Lin

Disciple Jing Xing asked me to write an article on "How to Practice in the Dharma Gate of Kurukulla." I replied, saying that it is enough to repeat Kurukulla's Heart Mantra and practice according to the Kurukulla Unification Sadhana. In association with this request and response, I am setting out below the key points in Yidam practices.

Our time and energies are both very limited; therefore, it is most appropriate for us to adopt one particular Dharma practice and then delve into it. Thus, through the strength of familiarity, it would be easier to attain realizations.

Our habitual grasping to self-centeredness is heavy and deep; therefore, Tantra teaches Yidam practice.
On the one hand it is still following our habit of grasping, and yet, on the other hand, as visualization of Yidam grows into maturity it will gradually replace our grasping to the self of a worldling.

Fundamentally, we still need, first of all, to comprehend the meaning of Blank Essence and Causal Origination, and to develop genuine Bodhi aspiration that dedicates oneself to the practice and propagation of the Dharma so as to help all sentient beings to attain full enlightenment sooner.

Only by living a life in accordance with Dharma and its practices can one gradually forget the previous self-centered personality, and constantly sustain the identification with the Yidam so as to render all thoughts, speeches and activities in accord with enlightened attitudes.

Set up Yidam's image or statue, and make offerings and prostrations to the Yidam. Thus one's relationships with the Yidam will become more and more intimate day by day.

Print Yidam's images, mantra wheel, Sadhanas, etc., for free distribution. Thus one's causal connections with this particular Dharma Gate will daily become deeper and closer.

Follow senior or realized practitioners of the particular Dharma Gate to receive their teachings and blessings through attending them in daily life.

If one practices as mentioned above, then one will have a better opportunity to attain realization. May those dedicate themselves to Yidam practices take heed and strive accordingly!

Written in Chinese and translated on October 21, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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