Necklace of Thirteen Cuts of Jesus' Ribs

Yutang Lin

This morning right before I woke up at 6:30 in a dream Green Tara bestowed on me a necklace made of white bones. It is in the shape of a man's neck ornament that has two ends of a string held together by an ornament, but the string consisted of polished rectangular bones with rounded edges strung together, and the ornamental part is in the shape of a rib cage and about the length of a small finger. And Tara said to me, "This is the necklace of thirteen cuts of Jesus' ribs. It was intentionally carved in the shape of a blade with its cutting edge turning upward to signify that it is not only to cut sentient beings but also to cut Jesus. You bring it back (to the world)." I carefully examined the necklace for a long while, and counted to know that it had eight sections, and some sections were carved into several layers, so it was called "thirteen cuts" (although I did not count the number of layers, I figured that was the reason for the name). The two sides of each pair of ribs seemed to be movable, and the back sides of the lower sections were carved into shapes of insect legs.

After I woke up I ponder over the significance of such a bestowal, and then I realized that it was Tara's blessed teaching on how to unify all major religions into Buddha Dharma in principle. Other religions recognize God as the ultimate arbitrator, and sentient beings are suffering for their sins. Nevertheless, God's salvation of beings was carried out through Jesus' sacrifice, and thus it clearly indicated that salvation cannot stray away from Causal Laws. When the way of the Lord still abides by Causal Laws, according to the Dharma teachings, the Lord is also "selfless" in the sense that the Lord also lacks absolutely independent existence. That things are causally present had been explicitly taught in Dharma, and indeed it had been hinted at through examples in other religions, thus it is clear that the basic principle to unify all religions is the recognition of Causal Laws as the fundamental truth. In other words, non-self is the single ultimate truth.

(That sentient beings are suffering for their sins is what was referred to by Tara as "cut sentient beings." That Jesus, as son of God, was sacrificed to accomplish God's salvation of beings is what Tara referred to as "a blade with its cutting edge turning upward to cut Jesus." As to my exposition of the inherent significance of this blessed experience and making it well know to the world is what Tara meant by "you bring it back (to the world).")

Green Tara bestowed on me such a great blessing on the day of my mother's 92nd birthday (April 10, 2008 in Taiwan); as a consequence my remembrance of mother's grace becomes truly inseparable from remembering Tara's grace. Hereby I dedicate the merits of this work to the celebration of my mother's longevity, may she enjoy merits and longevity in good health and peace, and bestow on her family her loving care for long.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 9, 2008
(It is April 10, 2008 in Taiwan)
El Cerrito, California

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