A Brief Sadhana of Green Tara for Daily Practice

Revised and Translated by Guru Lin
Edited in Chinese by Disciple Jing Xing

Do prostration three times to Gurus and the Triple Gem, then fold palms together and sincerely recite:

1. Namo Sakyamuni Buddha (three times)

2. Lineage Refuge Tree Supplication (three times)

Original Purity, oh, Patriarch Guru Chen!
Vajra Lotus, oh, Guru Lin!
The Right Dharma lineage of Manjusri and Guan Yin,
Harmonized wisdom and compassion to spread everywhere!

I take refuge in Guru, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. (three times)

3.Development of the Bodhicitta (three times)

I will worship the three holy Gems; the Buddha, the Dharma, and all the saints continually until I get the final fruit of Buddhahood.
With all the good deeds that I have done, may I suddenly become enlightened and save others.

4. Four Boundless Minds

May all beings have happiness and its causes!
May all beings be free from suffering and its causes!
May all beings be inseparable from the joy that is free from suffering!
May all beings be distant from discrimination and preference, and abide in universal renunciation!

5. Visualization

Visualize Green Tara appearing as a youthful maiden in rainbow body of green light. She sits in half-lotus posture (with right leg extended downward and resting on a lotus, and left leg drew in near the torso) on a throne of lotus and moon disk. Her two hands hold one blue Upala flower each. She wears a Five-Buddha crown, heavenly attire and colorful petticoat. She wears three necklaces; the first one hangs down to her breasts, the second one to her heart, and the third one to her navel. All her earrings, bracelets, armlets, sleeve-drapery and ankle bracelets are studded with gems, emeralds and pearls as adornments.
(Adopted from Guru Chen's teachings found in his "Twenty-one Taras")

6. Praise to Green Tara (three times)

Compassionate tears of Guan Yin gathered the marrow of Mercy from all Buddhas
Dispelled devils by fearless laughter to guard Siddhartha's attainment of enlightenment
Rainbow appearance in Potala Cave rendered Guru Chen's personal realization
Universal salvation to all beings from all hindrances, indeed, the savior of us all

7. Supplication to Green Tara (three time)

Marrow of Mercy from all Buddhas, compassionate tears of Guan Yin,
  Moisten and nourish to transform the stubborn and rigid beings
Dispelled devils through laughter, guard and help attainment of enlightenment,
  Dharma practitioners seek and rely on Your Holy Mother's grace
Sacred Potala Cave amid sky and sea, rainbow body surrounded by tidal sounds,
  When will this practitioner personally realize thus
Drifting from realm to realm in Samsara, floating up and down in waves of suffering
  Only Your Holiness is capable of universal salvation

8. Chanting Heart Mantra of Green Tara (Repeat it for certain number of times as decided by the practitioner.)

Weng Da Lei Du Da Lei Du Lei Suo Ha

9. Ten Soon Stanza

Soon break all doubts and be happy!
Soon meet all dakinis and work together!
Soon increase all practices and obtain fulfillment!
Soon apply all mercies and conquer devils!
Soon grasp supreme teachings and produce miracles!
Soon attain original Wisdom and have the ten powers!
Soon turn the wondrous Dharma Wheel by all means!
Soon purify the worldlings by wonderful speeches!
Soon illuminate the Dharmadhatu with the light of Dharma!
Soon show the Buddha realm to all sentient beings!

10. Dedication

Dedication for Green Tara Sadhana
As blessedly bestowed by Guru Lin

Mother Tara's green light compassionately protects all sentient beings
May we be absorbed into this holy light and thereby attain limitless oneness
With realization of the marrow of compassion transform and appear without bounds
Universally save all beings in ten directions to delight Your Compassionate mind

Auspicious Completion

Edited in Chinese by Disciple Jing Xing
On December 21, 2007
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Revised and Translated by Guru Lin on December 21, 2007
El Cerrito, California

Amended on February 27, 2008

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