Reverently Following Guru's Instructions

Yutang Lin

In case Guru's replies to the same question vary from time to time, follow the latest instruction.
  Once I asked Guru Chen about how to arrange the praises to protectors for the recitation on lunar 29th. He said to put the praise to the assembly of all protectors at the very beginning. Years later, when we were about to print the book of praises for monthly offerings, I asked Guru Chen the same question again, and then he said to put that praise after praises to Wen Du Jia Po, Five Longevity Dakinis, and Damchen Dorje Legpa, and I followed the latter instruction accordingly.

In case Guru's instruction is not the regular one, one still follows it.
  I asked Guru Chen to transmit the mantra of Hui Ji Vajra to me, and he granted the transmission. After Guru Chen entered Nirvana, one day while reciting the mantra I suddenly realized that what he transmitted to me was the heart mantra of Zhun Ti Bodhisattva. But I continued to recite it as the mantra of Hui Ji Vajra. Then, over a decade later, I received the mantra of Hui Ji Vajra in a dream. And the one I thus received is still different from the one commonly transmitted in Tantra texts.

Guru's instructions are born of original purity, and hence transcend problems of right or wrong. Disciples who follow accordingly will receive the blessing of genuine transmission, and furthermore, will gain strength in reducing self-grasping and self-pride and thereby will advance on approaching the realization of original purity.

As to those who serve as Gurus, in case they learn of unintentional mistakes, they should immediately rectify the mistakes.
  During the pilgrimage in China not long ago I transmitted the mudra of Zhun Ti Bodhisattva twice. Once I erroneously showed it as fingers crossing outward. When question was raised as to which one is to follow, I immediately instructed the disciple not to pass on the mistaken photos. While reciting the Chinese version of the Averting All Hindrances Mantra, I pronounced two words erroneously. When it was pointed out by a disciple, I immediately made the correction known to disciples.

Above are some problems that Tantric practitioners may encounter, so I brought them forth to help future students of Tantra know what to do in such cases.

Written in Chinese and translated on October 25, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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