A Brief Sadhana of Medicine Guru Buddha

Reviewed and approved by Guru Yutang Lin
Reverently compiled by disciple Jui Khin Yeo

Do prostration three times to the Triple Gem, then fold palms together and sincerely recite:

I. Namo Sakyamuni Buddha (three times)

II. Lineage Refuge Tree Supplication (once)

Original Purity, oh, Patriarch Guru Chen!
Vajra Lotus, oh, Guru Lin!
The Right Dharma lineage of Manjusri and Guan Yin,
Harmonized wisdom and compassion to spread everywhere!

III. Supplication to Medicine Guru Buddha (three times)

Twelve Great Vows, being considerate to all details, only Buddha can do so.
Twelve Great Generals, safeguarding all too well, only Your Holiness can inspire.
Seven Stars of Big Dipper, pacifying calamity and prolonging life, only Your Holiness can display.
Seven Buddhas of Medicine Guru, expanding and unifying at will, only Buddha can master oneness.

IV. Praise (three times)

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha emits pure lights, Spiritual nature of sentient beings in all directions are revealed!

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha enunciates clear sounds, Sorrows of sentient beings at all times are eradicated!

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha always remembered, Suffering of illnesses
and dangers to life will all be pacified!

Holy Medicine Guru Buddha is the savior, Calamities extinguished, life prolonged, and Bodhi attained!

V. Chanting (Repeat one of the followings for certain number of times as decided by the practitioner.)

A. Namo Tathagata Medicine Guru with Lapis Lazuli Light
B. The Heart Mantra (oral transmission through Guru Chen)
Weng, Pi Ka Jiu, Pi Ka Jiu, Ma Ha Pi Ka Jiu, Lan Zha Sha Ma Ka Die, So Ha.

VI. Dedication

Devoutly and reverently practice for the enlightenment of all beings.
May this endeavor move all seven Buddhas to grant their blessings!
May sentient beings become free from sufferings, attain peace and stability,
And diligently advance on the path to achieve complete enlightenment soon!

Appendix: This Brief Sadhana of Medicine Guru Buddha is mainly for practitioners who are unable to practice the Sadhana of Medicine Guru Buddha and Medicine Guru Buddha Unification Sadhana due to travel, sickness or busyness. In order to avoid interruption of practice and to sustain the blessing power of Medicine Guru Buddha's vows, great compassion and skillful means, this brief Sadhana is compiled. Hope that the practitioners will be granted the blessings of Medicine Guru Buddha to pacify calamity, prolong life, approach Bodhi, and achieve complete enlightenment.

Written in Chinese on December 8, 2006
Translated on December 12, 2006
Revised on January 10, 2007
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

 lapis lazuli stones

Tathagata Medicine Guru with Lapis Lazuli Light

"Tathagata Medicine Guru with Lapis Lazuli Light" is the holy epithet of the main Buddha of the seven Medicine Guru Buddhas. Maybe some of you have no idea of what lapis lazuli light is like, so I send you the attached file for you to see some lapis lazuli stones, with the hope that you will then know what lapis lazuli light is like.

Attain Enlightenment Soon!

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