A Brief Introduction to the
Holy Image of Amitabha Buddha

Written in Chinese by Dr. Yutang Lin
Translated by Stanley Lam

Amitabha Buddha

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This image of Amitabha Buddha was painted by Reverend Dao Zheng (Dr. Guo Hui Zhen, before her ordination) while she was suffering from serious cancer. The proportion of this image follows exactly the specifications as set down in the Sutra on Measurements for the Making of Buddha Images. Even the Swastika on the chest correctly rotates clockwise, which is rarely the case nowadays. Reverend Dao Zheng chanted more than 4.8 million repetitions the holy name of Amitabha Buddha during the painting of this image. This is certainly a holy image of Amitabha Buddha made completely up to the standard. Once in an inspired dream, I was distributing copies of this image to the public. The color of this image was painted by airbrush to exhibit the luminescence of the Buddha's rainbow-like body. The original painting is a large piece of 4 feet by 8 feet. The painting process was extremely arduous, as detailed in the book she dictated, Causes and Conditions of Painting the Buddha Image.

May all who have the opportunity to see, hear and worship this image be blessed by the Buddha, increase and broaden their wisdom and compassion, so as to achieve Enlightenment soon and provide salvation to all sentient beings.

Yutang Lin
October 1996

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