Life of Bodhi

Written in Chinese and Reviewed by Dr. Yutang Lin
Translated by Stanley Lam


Recently I often practice: While inhaling, visualize that the sins, Karmic hindrances, diseases, sufferings, etc. of all sentient beings of the whole Dharmadhatu are being absorbed into me; while exhaling, visualize that I am propelling the wisdom, compassion, great will, great power, and great activities of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to all sentient beings of the whole Dharmadhatu. Through engaging in this practice I become deeply appreciative of its benefits and effectiveness. If one can maintain this kind of Bodhicitta attitude, there would be no antagonism of self and others in whatsoever contact with any sentient being; instead, only a deep sense of oneness will pervade. Human life hinges on the breathing. If one's each and every breath is permeated with such intention of Bodhi, then one's life would be sublimated to a life of Bodhi! This essay is written with the motivation to share the essence of my many years of Buddhist practice.

Written on August 21, 1997
A Study for the Cultivation of Harmony
El Cerrito, California

Translated on November 29, 1997
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

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