A Visualization for Singing
the Mantra of Amitabha

Written in Chinese by Dr. Yutang Lin
Translated by Chun Jane Chen

The compassionate vows of Amitabha Buddha encompass all sentient beings in the Dharmadhatu; he helps them reach the "Utmost Joy Pureland," i.e. returning to the original pure nature of the Dharmadhatu, by operating his limitless Buddha power.

This visualization for singing his mantra is based on the above understanding.

Before singing the mantra visualize the following: the whole Dharmadhatu is a boundless blue space; below are the sentient beings, transparent yet intangible like a rainbow; the blue sky above represents the Dharmakaya of Amitabha Buddha (in fact, the whole Dharmadhatu is his Dharmakaya, not just the upper part); you appear as a Nirmanakaya of Amitabha Buddha, hollow as a bubble and transparent like a rainbow; your Central Channel is as thin as your pinkie finger, and it is red outside and white inside.

While singing the mantra, visualize as follows:

The first phrase:

Om--All sentient beings below are transforming into sky-blue light.

Ah Mee Da Wa--The blue light enters from below into your Central Channel and ascends to the top.

Sheh-- The blue light goes out from the top of the Central Channel and merges into the Dharmakaya light.

The second phrase:

Same as the first phrase, but the light becomes brighter.

The third phrase:

Om--The Great Compassion and the Great Power of Amitabha Buddha above are manifesting as sky-blue light.

Ah Mee Da Wa--The blue light enters into your Central Channel from above and descends to the Bottom.

Sheh--The blue light goes out from the bottom of your Central Channel and shines upon all sentient beings, thereby, making them appear more brilliant than before.

The fourth phrase:

Same as the Third phrase, but the light becomes brighter.

In this visualization, the Great Compassion (Buddha's compassionate vows of saving all sentient beings), the Great Power (Buddha's limitless merits for purifying sentient beings' karmas), and the Great Wisdom (of returning to the original pure nature of Dharmadhatu) are unified. The "going up and down" of the Dharmakaya light would make the practitioner's body cool, comfortable and tranquil; besides, it would help open up the Central Channel. This practice utilizes the view of the whole Dharmadhatu to help develop the Central Channel.

This practice consists of singing the mantra and doing the visualization simultaneously, but you don't need to sing it out loud. During the practice, if you go into a deep meditative state, you can stop the singing, and even the visualizing. Just let the Dharmadhatu appear and stay by itself.

June 21, 1990

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