Causal Origin for the Reprint of "Pureland Daily Practice"

Dr. Yutang Lin


Years ago the Chinese original of my "Pureland Daily Practice" was printed several times for free distribution, and it was well received and adopted for practice by many Buddhists. This Sadhana centers on the Three Holinesses of the Western Pureland, and consists of prostration to them, and repetition of their Sutras, mantras and holy names.

This morning in a dream a monk said approval of this Sadhana, and expressed willingness to take care of its reprint. Then I saw a short Chinese article written on a square sheet that was placed flat on a surface. The author was a monk by the Dharma name of Yuan Xin, Globular Mind. The main idea of the article was that this Sadhana is not a common one, but a work born of realization, and hence people who have the opportunity to practice accordingly should not become unworthy of such a Dharma gift. Then each and every word of this article transformed into a carving made of shinning jade with individual color shades and style. Then to the right of this article there appeared a gigantic rock, lying flat in clear water, with its upper part revealed above the water. The front of the rock was concave forming a small bay, and the back of the rock was convex. On the top surface of the rock there were two Chinese characters Yue Wan, Moon Bay, carved at the middle. To its left there was a column of small oval seals carved on the rock; all these seals are exactly the same in size and shape, and the Chinese characters carved on each seal were Wu Xian, Boundless.

Having seen such wonderful omen I decided immediately that this Sadhana would be included among the books to be printed next time for free distribution. Right now both this Sadhana and its English version are posted at our website. Before I woke up this morning I also saw that I scooped pure white cooked rice from a large pot, and that I was about to board a flight of "Western Airlines." These were also good omens related to the reprint of this Sadhana; hence I also recorded them here.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 30, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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