Tokens of Gratitude

Yutang Lin

During my recent hemorrhoids ordeals I was fortunate to be helped by the compassionate retired surgeon Dr. Williams at the surgery department of Oakland Kaiser Hospital. As tokens of my gratitude I offered him jokes that came to me on the spot.

On August 19 after he helped push the hemorrhoids back in for the second time in two days, I said, "Dr. Williams, you are playing ping-pong with nature." He replied, "Not really."

On August 26 after he reviewed the situation and found much improvement, I said, "Dr. Williams, you know your patients so well, you know them inside out." With a smile he replied, "That is very good, Mr. Lin. Inside out, um."

In addition I also offered him my booklet "Playing with Health Balls" and a wallet-size card of Chenrezig Thangka with's website on its back.

These jokes are put down here so more hemorrhoids patients and doctors would have a moment of relief from their ordeals.

August 27, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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