Homa Ritual Honoring Manjusri


Based on the Format of Chinese Homa Rituals by Guru Chen

Written in Chinese and Translated into English by his disciple Dr. Yutang Lin

(With Guru Chen's original English stanzas preserved as many as appropriate)


1.   Getting Permission from the Goddess of the Earth


       Visualize the Goddess of the Earth with a yellow body as suddenly appearing from the earth and accepting the blessing of the Master who is no different from the Yidam, Manjusri. After she offers her approbation, she disappears.   The Master wields the Vajra toward the center of the borrowed place where the fire altar is situated to create there a Vajra-cross foundation. Repeat the Six-syllable Mantra of Manjusri and the following half-stanza:

Abiding in the limitless oneness of Dharmadhatu,

The Mandala of Father and Mother (yab-yum) Manjusri appears within.


2.   Generating Bodhicitta



The root of beings' transmigration in the Six Realms is their grasping to Self.

Thorough and ultimate emancipation depends on comprehending Sunyata Wisdom.

The Dharmadhatu in limitless oneness is originally free from any notion of Self.

Originally all are wondrously auspicious and constantly pleasant and joyful!


       Instantaneously the Master transforms into the Boy-form of Manjusri.


3.   Blessing the Bell, Vajra and Drum


       (a)   Visualization:

       Visualize that Father and Mother Steadfast Buddha become lights that go into the Vajra and Bell, respectively. Visualize the moon on the right palm and the sun on the left one. With the right hand holding the Vajra and the left one holding the Bell, recite: "Ma Ha, Ban Zha, Hong" and "Ban Zha, Ga Za, A." (All incantations are written in Pin Yin, in accordance with Guru Chen's pronunciation.) Use the Vajra to touch the heart chakra three times, simultaneously ring the Bell three times.


       (b)   Stanza:

Bell and Drum resonates together and the sounds spread in all directions.

The nature of hearing is neither born nor dead in the past, present and future.

Sounds are originally silent and yet they don't remain quiet.

Winds caress fields and forests, and oceans play with tidal waves!


       (c)   Incantation of Blessing the Bell and Vajra:

Weng, Sha Wa Da Ta Ga Da, Xi Di Ban Zha, San Ma Ya, Di Cha, Ei Qia Si Dang, Da La Ya Mi, Ban Zha Sa Duo, Hei Hei Hei Hei Hei, Hong Hong Hong Pei, Suo Ha.


       (d)   Incantation of Requesting the Blessing of All Buddhas:

       Then, while reciting the incantation of Requesting the Blessing of All Buddhas, use the Vajra to touch the heart chakra to awake all the Buddhas that are in one's own Buddha-nature and with the opening of the Bell facing the top of the Master's head, turn the Bell around three times counter-clockwise, then three times clockwise, thus all Buddhas in the ten directions are requested to give blessing.

Weng, Ban Zha, Geng Zha La Li Da, Zhua La Li Da, Shuang Zhua La Li Da, Sha Wa Bu Da Ken Zha, Zhua Zha Li Lei, Zhua Zha Ba Li Mi, Geng Zha Da Na Ya, Shuang Ha Bi Da, Ban Zha Da Ma Xi Da Ya, Sha Wa Qia Li, Hong Hong Hong, Ho Ho Ho, A Kang Suo Ha.


4.   Protection


       Two pieces of food, prepared in advance, are offered. One is white in color for vegetarian Gods and the other is red for carnivorous Gods.


       (a)   The Incantation to offer food to the Protectors:

Weng, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi.


       (b)   Prayer Stanza to the Protectors:

All the eight departments of protectors,

And all the Yaksas and your family,

Please take all this blessed and delicious food.

Protect all the Yogis and their families.

Let all of them be free and have long life!

Gather all merits and sow all best seeds!

And may you inspire all special enjoyments!

Especially help this enlightening fire sacrifice,

And let me get all the accomplishments!

Please remember all your excellent vows,

Help me to gain all the attainments.

Get rid of all bad conditions and death,

Destroy all my obstacles and demons.

Pacify all terrible dreams and bad omens.

Protect us from all dangerous risks.

Help to make peace and rich harvests for all,

May plenty of all kinds of corn and Dharma,

And all good pleasures be helped by you!

Do help me to fulfill all my best wishes!

Those who have been divined to darkness

And cannot understand all the Tantras,

Not able to hear and see this secrecy,

Please leave here and go to the places where you belong.

If you don't take my advice right now,

I shall use the powerful and fiery Vajra

To destroy your head into many pieces!


       The Karma Vajra throws the two pieces of food in two different directions.


       (c)   Repeat the Four-Hong Incantation while throwing the mustard seeds:

       Repeat the Four-Hong Incantation to send the black deities away.

Weng,  Song Ba Li, Song Ba Li, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng,  Ge Li Ha Na, Ge Li Ha Na, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng,  Ge Li Ha Na Ba Ya, Ge Li Ha Na Ba Ya, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng, A Na Ya Ho, Ba Ga Wen, Bi Ya Lan Zha, Hong Hong Pei!


       Then the Master visualizes the Vajra Net that covers all ten directions and is formed with the Vajra Net Mudra. Thus from the beginning of the Homa performance until its end, the altar and the Master and his family and followers are protected.


5.   Blessing the Offerings


       The Master holds the Vajra dippers together, repeats the incantation given below and visualizes much nectar falling down from Father and Mother Yidam upon all the offerings. Thus all worldly offerings become Vajra Nectar of boundless supply.

Weng, Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha!


6.   Arranging the Seat of the God of Fire and that of the Yidam


       Place auspicious grasses around the fire altar. Then arrange seats for the God of Fire and the Yidam.


      A.  Praising and Welcoming the Golden God of Fire


       (a)   Praise:

Shine upon the dark becoming the bright.

Drive away the demons with big fire!

Your kind smile sends away the sorrows.

Please sit on this good seat and admire!


       (b)   Visualize the Golden God of Fire:

"Lang" appears on the moon that is on a lotus.

From this "Lang" arises the golden God of Fire!

He has one face and two arms.

The right hand holds the stove.

The left hand holds a fairy bottle.

His hair is very long; his belly big.

He has a golden Brahmin thread around his belly!


       (c)   Welcome the Fire God:

       The Master raises a bunch of auspicious grass up to the sky to welcome the Wisdom God of Fire and repeats the following incantation:

Zha Ge Hong Zha


       (d)   Praise:

You are the victorious Prince of Dharma.

You have got the initiation of good Karma!

Your wisdom fire can get rid of obstacles!

I, now, beg you to help this Homa!


      B.  Arranging the Auspicious Seat for the Yidam


       (a)   Arrange the seat for Manjusri with the following stanza:

Throughout the Dharmadhatu You respond universally to all kinds of beings,

Such all-around Wisdom serves as the supreme seat outwardly.

You always guide beings in accordance with their propensities, without forsaking any,

Such harmonizing Wisdom serves as the supreme seat inwardly.

Through Dharma pleasures and Chan joys You unify all in oneness,

Such blissful Wisdom serves as the supreme seat secretly.

The Dharma practice of Straight Mind unifies inner experiences and outer activities,

Such Wisdom of Purity serves as the supreme seat most secretly.


       (b)   Visualization of Manjusri:

Always keeping a boyish countenance through the wisdom of being truthful.

Your wisdom sword cut through inactive void and eliminate devils of mind.

Your wise speeches awake and enlighten beings to renounce worldly sorrows,

Riding on a dragon and followed by clouds to moisten the whole universe.


       (c)   The Seven-branch Prayer:

Revealing reverent sincerity by pleasing all kinds of beings,

Constantly repeat the Six-syllable Mantra of Manjusri,

Broad and profound Bodhicitta is sincere repentance,

Giving Dharma guidance at occasions to increase Dharma joy,

Turning the Dharma Wheel without rest, forgot Self long ago,

Chan joys continuously well up like a wondrous spring,

Dedicate merits toward the emerging of original wisdom like sunrise!


(d)      Praise the Yidam:

Reverently recite the following praise that was originally written in Chinese by Guru Chen.


Praise to Maha-Bodhisattva Manjusri


Veneration in the presence of Maha-Bodhisattva Wondrous Auspiciousness who is a reincarnation of some ancient Buddha!


Dharma Prince who is a reincarnation of some ancient Buddha,

With Wisdom sword to rid of Ignorance and to compel the World Honored One,

Boy with Five Hair-knots who can grant the fruits of Non-death,

I prostrate and praise in the presence of the only refuge for wisdom life!


Unlike other places that depend on exterior conditions to become Land of Truth,

Tathagata directly pointed it out as the Dharma Ground of Your Holiness,

Wisdom winds rose up in all directions, ancient sages from India and Tibet gathered,

I prostrate and praise in the presence of the meritorious Master of Wu Tai Mountain!


Causal origins in accordance with Truth, and wondrous wisdom of Great Perfection,

May cure practitioners of Wild-fox Chan that is fuzzy and slanting on Emptiness,

Transformed into Tsongkhapa to choose doctrines according to correct measures,

I prostrate and praise in the presence of the holy transformation that I witnessed in Dharmakaya Light!


Nagarjuna, the Great Wisdom Holder, who was tamed by the Avatamsaka Sutra,

Transformed into Patriarch Du Shun who wondrously created the Mystic-Gates View,

Such skillful means matched exactly the secret teachings of Tantric Buddhism,

I prostrate and praise in the presence of the creator of Harmony of All Events!


The Holy One with complete merits and wisdom, who can relieve all deficiencies,

Just by repeating the mantra of "Xin Xin" all good wishes will be realized,

Having tasted the wisdom water flowing from the sacred hill I saw your consort in a dream,

I prostrate and praise in the presence of the Father and Mother Manjusri in Union!


The old grandma that appeared on the grand road to Wu Tai Mountain,

Whoever that ran into her was guided by her to go straightforward,

Having checked with her Patriarch Zhao Zhou had also witnessed it,

I prostrate and praise in the presence of Patriarch Chan that liberates through renunciation!


Some ancient virtuous one cultivated Compassion for long years without attainment,

He threw a Sutra printing block up in the air to seek approval from Your Holiness,

Your Holiness appeared in the air to receive the block, showing the oneness of Compassion and Wisdom,

I prostrate and praise in the presence of Great Wisdom that can generate Great Compassion!


Fulfill all sentient beings' minds and always in accordance with their intentions,

Your great vows to render all beings happy and joyful extend to enemies and devils,

Only the Great Wisdom of Your Holiness can fulfill and accomplish such great vows,

I prostrate and praise in the presence of Manjusri True Name Sutra!


Either appeared as a cook in some monastery or appeared as a playboy,

All your playful supernatural transformations are nothing but Liberation among things,

Even up to appearing as a beggar to help carry luggage (of Master Xu Yun),

I prostrate and praise in the presence of all transformations of my Protector Lord!


All four schools of Pureland, Hua Yan, Tantra and Chan venerated Your Holiness,

Intending to revive Buddhism in this world to relieve beings of their sufferings,

May I achieve Great Karma of Great Wisdom and Great Compassion such as Yours!

I prostrate and praise in the presence of the Dharma King that grants such blessing!


May Your Holiness open and reveal the original awakening of beings in the Six Realms!

May Your Holiness' great vows, through your blessings, be fulfilled and accomplished by me!

May Your Holiness bestow on me consorts that are equal to the Mother Buddha of Sound (Manjusri's consort)!

May Your Holiness pass down to me the Unsurpassable Wisdom Sword!


       Visualize the oneness of Guru Chen and Manjusri.


(e)      Supplication to Guru Chen:

Supplication to Root-Guru Chen:

Originally pure Manjusri, grant me advice sound;

Tara, born from Guan Yin's tears profound.

Wherein can your infinite compassion be found?

Written teachings sent the whole world around!


       Praise to the Dharma Life of Guru Chen:

In You County of Hunan, A reincarnation of Manjusri born;

In his youth, as a poet, already quite well-known;

Married to a lady, a reincarnation of Avalokitesvara;

Together they recited Sutras, and ghosts gathered to listen.


Stepping from Sutras into Tantras, he completed the foundations;

At middle-age, both of them attained opening of the top aperture.

Meditated in caves, Flower Offering and Sky Dragon, for years;

Retreated on a boat floating down a river and gained realization.


Alone on the path, traveling for thousands of miles,

To seek out the Tantric secrets he went to Tibet and Xi Kang.

Favored by thirty-seven Gurus with essence of teachings,

And received great initiations of five hundred deities and more.


The highest teachings of seven schools were fully transmitted,

Written down in Chinese to spread the waves of Grace Ocean.

Retreated in a hermitage by himself for twenty-five years;

From Kalimpong in India, he looked up to Mount Everest.


Year after year of meditation in solitude worn out seven mats;

The trinity of Great Pleasure Vajra's kayas was realized.

With appreciation, he erected the Lighthouse in the Ocean of Chan;

Commenting on Karma and Maha Mudras, he propagated the blessings.


The central channel distinguished from Taoist and spinal cord;

Hinduism, Taoism, Christian and Confucian carefully sorted.

Buddhist Meditation maps the fields and the routes to Enlightenment;

Dharma Treasures of Pure Light were poured out for revelation.


Over one hundred works in English bestowed on six continents;

The Flute resounded lingering tunes to awaken the worldly.

Under Sakyamuni's command and beseeched by the Dragon King,

Flew to America to propagate the great wondrous Dharma.


Over three hundred thousand turtles, pigeons and other beings set free;

Millions of beings all over the world salvaged through Powa.

Two hundred fire pujas performed, yielding wondrous inspirations

To relieve sentient beings from all kinds of suffering.


Into the Dragon palace hundred and fifty vases were offered;

Repeating the long rides for years discounted his own ease.

Five Sutras of Pureland were unified through lectures overseas;

Rainy or windy, awoke early daily by alarm clock to feed pigeons.


Bending elbows to write about varieties in the Dharmadhatu,

Or to embrace and enjoy the oneness of Sunyata and Joy.

Poems written in calligraphy danced on sheets like dragons;

Lifelike images of Buddhas freely distributed for worshipping.


Five Wheel Pagoda erected and shone forth rainbow lights;

Bell for pacifying hell beings made and rung to reduce their suffering.

Great Bodhicitta to ensure eternal peace on Earth and in all beings

Led to the wish to build Adi Buddha Mandala for practices in retreat.


Lotus-shape auspicious land fortunately secured in hand;

Constructions for the Mandala were about to begin.

Sins and suffering of sentient beings were undertaken by the teacher

Who exhibited signs of illness and impermanence.


Upon departure heavenly music of Five-variation Chanting heard;

After cremation rainbow-colored sariras were found in abundance.

Holy pagoda stands on Formosa to bless it with peace and prosperity;

Compassionate lights of Dharmadhatu shines equally upon everyone!


7.       Harmonization of Wisdom and Compassion


Reverently recite the Heart Sutra and the Heart Sastra.


The Heart of Sublimation through Transcendent Wisdom Sutra

(The Heart Sutra)


Translated into English by Dr. Yutang Lin

from the Chinese translation by the Reverend Xuan-Zang


               Whenever  Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara practices deeply sublimation through Transcendent Wisdom, He intuitively perceives that the five aggregates are of Blank Essence, thus transcending all suffering and difficulties.  Sariputra, phenomena are inseparable from Blank Essence, and Blank Essence is inseparable from phenomena; phenomena are identical to Blank Essence, and Blank Essence is identical to  phenomena. Feeling, conceptualization, motivation and consciousness are also inseparable from and identical to Blank Essence.


                Sariputra, the characteristics of Blank Essence of all these things are: neither born nor deceased, neither dirty nor clean, neither increasing nor decreasing.  Therefore in Blank Essence there are no phenomena, no feeling, conceptualization, motivation, consciousness; no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind; no color, sound, odor, flavor, touch, impression; no eye-species up to and including no perceptual-consciousness-species; no Ignorance and no elimination of Ignorance, up to and including no senility and death and no elimination of senility and death; no suffering, its causes, its transcendence, the path toward its transcendence; no Wisdom and no attainment. Since there is no attainment, by sublimation through Transcendent Wisdom, a Bodhisattva's mind has no attachment. Since there is no attachment, there is no fear. There is freedom from perversive delusions, and Nirvana is realized.


               Buddhas of the past, present and future attain the Unsurpassable Right and Full Enlightenment by sublimation through Transcendent Wisdom. Therefore sublimation through Transcendent Wisdom is known to be the great wondrous mantra, the great open mantra, the unsurpassable mantra, the no-equal-rank mantra, capable of eliminating all suffering, truthful and without deceit. Hence, the mantra of sublimation through Transcendent Wisdom is to be proclaimed.  So He utters the mantra:

       Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha


The Heart of Sublimation through Limitless-Oneness Compassion Sastra

(The Heart Sastra)

Dr. Yutang Lin


     Wherever Bodhisattva Manjusri practices sublimation through Limitless-Oneness Compassion effortlessly, He intuitively understands that the five aggregates are of one essence, thus enduring all suffering and difficulties.  Sudhana! Phenomena are inseparable from essence, and essence is inseparable from phenomena; phenomena are identical to essence, and essence is identical to phenomena. Feeling, conceptualization, motivation and consciousness are also inseparable from and identical to essence.


      Sudhana! The Limitless-Oneness of all these things transcends existence and non-existence, attraction and repulsion, plurality and singularity. Therefore the Limitless-Oneness contains phenomena, contains feeling, conceptualization, motivation, consciousness; contains eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind; contains color, sound, odor, flavor, touch, impression; contains eye-species up to and including perceptual-consciousness-species; contains Ignorance and elimination of Ignorance, up to and including senility and death and elimination of senility and death; contains suffering, its causes, its transcendence, the path toward its transcendence; and transcends Loving-kindness and loss. Since there is transcendence of loss, by sublimation through Limitless-Oneness Compassion, a Bodhisattva's mind is free from attachment. Since there is no attachment, there is no criticism. There is freedom from prejudiced discriminations, and Nirvana is realized.


      Buddhas of the past, present and future attain the Unsurpassable Right and Full Enlightenment by sublimation through Limitless-Oneness Compassion. Therefore sublimation through Limitless-Oneness Compassion is known to be the great mind mantra, the great loving-kindness mantra, the indiscrimination mantra, the all-encompassing mantra, capable of enduring all suffering, absolute and joyous. Hence, the mantra of sublimation through Limitless-Oneness Compassion is to be proclaimed. So He utters the mantra:

Tolerance, tolerance, tolerance for all, tolerance with joy, bodhi svaha!


8.       Blessing the Wood and Oil



With the calamity-like firewood,

Start up the wisdom fire.

After offering them,

All the Sages, beings, do have the Pleasure!

The pure and clean butter helps the wisdom fire,

May all sufferings in the six realms be burned out!


9.   Starting the Fire


       (a)   Start the fire:

       With the fire mudra turn around clockwise thrice on top of the fire altar while repeating, "Lang Lang Lang."

       Use a fan with the Tibetan syllable "Yang" to fan the fire thrice while repeating, "Yang, Yang, Yang." Then repeat:

Wisdom Wisdom Great Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Constant Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Samadhi Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Tranquility Wisdom!


       (b)   Offering to the God of Fire:


Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi.


You are the sovereign Prince of Dharma.

You have been blessed as King of Karma!

With special wisdom burn up the sorrow,

Help us to fulfill the good wishes through Homa!


       (c)   Prayer to the God of Fire:


I, the Acarya, and all the followers

Do have learned Dharma and done good Karma.

Any kind of obstacles before the Homa is done

Please send away from this Mandala!

Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Weng, Sha Wa Ba Bang, Xin Deng Gu Lu Ye, Suo Ha.


10. Offering to Manjusri


       (a)   Offer Bodhi-branches:


Once protected Sakyamuni Buddha to attain Enlightenment and realize original purity,

Serving as adornment to the Mandala and blindfold to worldly views outside it,

Bodhi branches form great shade for the uncontrived original state,

After offering them Four Bliss of Sunyata pleasure will reveal supreme brightness!

       Incantation (repeat thrice):

Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Weng, Po Ti Zhi Qia Ye, Suo Ha.


       (b)   Offer black sesame:


Ignorance as the cause grasped by black and white karmas,

Perverse views, disasters and sufferings, all transform into offering.

After this offering one would realize that ignorance is originally of empty nature.

Reveal Dharmakaya for all beings so that all would attain great tranquility.


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Weng, Sha Wa Ba Bang, Xin Deng Gu Lu Ye, Suo Ha.


       (c)   Offer mustard seeds:


The self-nature of all evils and enemies is originally vacuous and inactive.

After offering mustard seeds all evils will perish automatically.

Seeing through that form and emptiness are originally non-dual,

In the compassion of oneness lie great salvation and great rest.


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Sha Wa, A Qia, Xi Da Ye, Suo Ha.


       (d)   Offer three whites and three sweets:


All things white and pure contain the joy of Chan;

After offering these may all beings dine on form born of Sunyata.

Wondrous flavor of pleasant sweetness, free from impurities,

Would inspire Dharma nectar to imbue the countless worlds!


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Weng, Sha Wa, Sang Ba Dou, Suo Ha.


       (e)   Offer one coconut:


Sincerely and whole-heartedly dedicate oneself to the Dharma,

Receiving from above the merciful initiations of Bodhicitta,

Pouring to suffering beings below the compassionate rain of teachings,

Benefiting all through constant and enduring aspirations and activities.


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Weng, Ban Zha, Po Ti Qi Da, Suo Ha.


       (f)    Offer walnuts:


Wondrous joy of Chan, who attained its marrows?

Four joys of Tantric practice, who arrived at the ultimate sphere?

Matching outer form and inner sense through this concord offering,

May we obtain realization that completely harmonizes the two truths.


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Weng, Ban Zha, Ke Ba Ya, Suo Ha.


       (g)   Offer herbs for the five chakras:


Hundreds of illness as suffered by beings are indeed hard to bear.

All physicians have no treatments and effective prescriptions unavailable.

Relying solely on the great compassionate power of Manjusri,

Karmic hindrances dispersed invisibly so that recovery will arrive sooner.


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Weng, Sha Wa Ba Bang, Xin Deng Gu Lu Ye, Suo Ha.


       (h)   Offer fresh flowers:


Yidam's Dakini and consorts in the four cardinal directions,

In addition to those at the four corners, net of wondrous beauties,

Wisdom Dakinis full of secret skills gathering like clouds,

To enable each and every sentient being to enjoy pleasure more.


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Di Di Di, Xin Xin Xin, Weng, Ban Zha, Zha Ge Ni Ye, Bu Bei, Suo Ha.


       (i)    Offer red silk, needles and threads:


Heavenly garment of wondrous touch matches Sunyata-form.

Red and white Bodhis increase through union of Vajra Love.

Straight channels and pure winds induce light of original purity.

Live long in the world to save countless sentient beings.


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Di Di Di, Xin Xin Xin, Sha Wa Nuo Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Huo, Weng, Ban Zha, A Yu Ke, Hong, Suo Ha.


       (j)    Offer fresh fruits:


Compassionate aspirations to benefit others is the fruit of Nirmanakaya.

Completion of merits and wisdom is the fruit of Sambhogakaya.

Dependence-free light of original purity is the fruit of Dharmakaya.

The above three indistinguishable is the fruit of Sahajakaya.

Wisdom rainbow-body born of great pleasure is the fruit of Mahasukhakaya.

Soon fulfill wisdom and compassion to attain perfect fruit of Buddhahood.


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Weng, Ban Zha, Ke Ba Ya, Da Ma Ka Ya, Suo Ha.


       (k)   Offer gold foil:


Priceless teachings are superior to worldly gold and wealth.

May this offering inspire compassion that is like the wish-fulfilling gem.

All resources needed for propagation of Dharma and salvation of beings

Through pure applications would inspire their flowing in like springs.


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Weng, Ban Zha, Mu Ni Ye, Suo Ha.


       (l)    Offer the eight offerings:


With water of conversion via great wisdom to moisten and purify,

With wondrous pretty flowers to show variegated colors and styles,

With Kunda-Bodhicitta to imbue body and mind with fragrance,

With the wisdom lamp that shines continuously up high to dispel the darkness of ignorance,

With the perfume of Great Perfection to spread aroma all over the oneness of all,

With wondrous food of Chan joy to harmonize wisdom and bliss through Vajra Love,

After offering wondrous melody of great joy of the Wishes Fulfilled Pureland,

May we instantly attain the purity of the Supreme Wisdom of Great Manjusri!


Weng, A La Ba Zha Na Di, Weng, A Gang, Ba Dang, Bu Bei, Du Bei, A Nu Gei, Gen Deng, Nu Wei Dou, Xia Da, Zhua Di Zha Ye, Suo Ha.


11. Giving thanks to the God of Fire



Brightness shines, warmth and heat felt.

As incense smokes float and spread so are the grand Dharma activities.

The Wisdom Sword of Manjusri cuts off grasping to the notion of Substance,

While the grace of the God of Fire extends throughout the Dharmadhatu.


Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi, Weng A Hong.


12. Dedication of the Merits



Wisdom life was born of Gurus.

Corporeal life was born of parents.

Offerings were born of donors.

Fire, the fire god; water, Dragon King.

Place belongs to the country; companions are others.

In all these there is neither I nor mine.

Good coming from whatever causes and conditions

Is the natural fruit of those causes and conditions.

The great tranquility that all beings possess originally

Is beyond the sphere of causes and consequences.

May the Bodhi causes of this Homa bring about great fruits,

And those with Manjusri's blessing will spread to all beings!

All sentient beings will share the Bodhi fruits!

Peace and happiness pervade the world, and calamities and hindrances vanished!

All opportune conditions for Dharma propagation and practices gathered!

All sentient beings in the Six Realms attain emancipation!

Dharmadhatu right away is the Pureland!


13. Amendment


       Repeat thrice the 100-Word Incantation of Vajrasattva.


14. Repeat Original Vows


       Recite the practitioner's Bodhi Vows to pray for continuous and never ending progress of Dharma activities. In gratitude and seeking blessing, hold the Mudra of Manjusri and recite His mantra three times.


15. Circumambulation


       Circumambulate clockwise the Homa platform thrice as gesture of reverence, and then bow thrice to the Father and Mother (yab-yum) Manjusri in reverence to express gratitude.


Auspicious Completion



Epilog to the Chinese Original Homa Ritual


       In early January Upasaka Wilson Wong inquired about fire puja in honor of Manjusri. I replied that we did not have such a ritual, and if I were to compose one for this purpose, I had to wait for inspirations, so as to demonstrate our reverence to its seriousness. That night in a dream I saw a boy who was a transformation of Manjusri. Inside his cheeks are visible the Heart Sutra and my Heart Sastra displayed side by side. I used my right hand to rub gently some rice over his left cheek, and then rubbed gently some round powder pills that were slightly larger than rice over his right cheek. After the rubbings both cheeks remained the same. This dream indicated that the inner essence of Manjusri is harmonization of Wisdom and Compassion, and that we could expound on such virtuous merits, and yet there is neither increasing nor decreasing to Himself.  The next day my son Andrew suddenly found a yellow color lighter and gave it to me, and the lighter that I was carrying then was of red color. A lighter is an instrument for igniting a fire, and yellow and red (orange color) is the color of Manjusri, hence this is also a good omen related to the composition of a Homa ritual honoring Manjusri. Thus, I decided to begin composing the ritual. Today the Homa ritual was completed. I carefully recorded its causal origins so as to remember forever Buddha's grace in granting permission for such an endeavor.


January 11, 2000

El Cerrito, California


English Translation of the Whole Ritual

November 10, 2005

El Cerrito, California


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