Homa Ritual Honoring Supreme Pleasure Vajra


Based on the Chinese Ritual by Guru Chen

Rearranged for Practice and Translated into English by his disciple Dr. Yutang Lin

(With Guru Chen's original English stanzas preserved as many as appropriate)


1.   Getting Permission from the Goddess of the Earth


       Visualize the Goddess of the Earth with a yellow body as suddenly appearing from the earth and accepting the blessing of the Master who is no different from the Yidam, Supreme Pleasure Vajra. After she offers her approbation, she disappears.       The Master wields the Vajra toward the center of the borrowed place where the fire altar is situated to create there a Vajra-cross foundation. Repeat the incantation of Supreme Pleasure Vajra and the following half-stanza:

Abiding in the limitless oneness of Dharmadhatu,

The Mandala of Supreme Pleasure Vajra appears within.


2.      Generating Bodhicitta



May the ones I induce become free from sufferings and enjoy supreme pleasure!

Once supreme pleasure attained, all causes of all sorts of happiness will gather.

The extraordinarily superior Four Blisses are perpetual and free from sorrows.

The Wheel of Supreme Pleasure gathers and forms in universal renunciation.


3.      Blessing


A.      Blessing the Bell, Vajra and Drum


(a)      Visualization for Blessing the Bell, Vajra and Drum:

       Visualize that Father and Mother Steadfast Buddha become lights that go into the Vajra and Bell, respectively. Visualize the moon on the right palm and the sun on the left one. With the right hand holding the Vajra and the left one holding the Bell, recite: "Ma Ha, Ban Zha, Hong" and "Ban Zha, Ga Za, A." (All incantations are written in Pin Yin, in accordance with Guru Chen's pronunciation.) Use the Vajra to touch the heart chakra three times, simultaneously ring the Bell three times.


       (b)       Stanza:

Bell is Vajra Yogini; Vajra is Supreme Pleasure Vajra.

Melodious sounds express joy of Ewam to nurture beings.

Drum is where the bliss of Sunyata of self and dharma arises.

Instantaneously render all beings to become awakened!


       (c)       Incantation of Blessing the Bell and Vajra:

Weng, Sha Wa Da Ta Ga Da, Xi Di Ban Zha, San Ma Ya, Di Cha, Ei Qia Si Dang, Da La Ya Mi, Ban Zha Sa Duo, Hei Hei Hei Hei Hei, Hong Hong Hong Pei, Suo Ha.


       (d)       Incantation of Requesting the Blessing of All Buddhas:

       Then, while reciting the incantation of Requesting the Blessing of All Buddhas, use the Vajra to touch the heart chakra to awake all the Buddhas that are in one's own Buddha-nature and with the opening of the Bell facing the top of the Master's head, turn the Bell around three times counter-clockwise, then three times clockwise, thus all Buddhas in the ten directions are requested to give blessing.

Weng, Ban Zha, Geng Zha La Li Da, Zhua La Li Da, Shuang Zhua La Li Da, Sha Wa Bu Da Ken Zha, Zhua Zha Li Lei, Zhua Zha Ba Li Mi, Geng Zha Da Na Ya, Shuang Ha Bi Da, Ban Zha Da Ma Xi Da Ya, Sha Wa Qia Li, Hong Hong Hong, Ho Ho Ho, A Kang Suo Ha.


B.      Blessing the Surroundings



Sunyata of the Yoga of Six Elements abides constantly in supreme bliss.

Through Vajra Love White Bodhi and Red Bodhi all become fulfilled.

The wisdom of supreme bliss is born of Vajra Samadhi that is leak-free.

Desires in original purity pervade in ten directions and three periods.


C.      Blessing the Triple Equality of Body, Wisdom and Karma



Tathagata, practitioner and fire altar are all in Dharmakaya,

Thus in oneness to form the triple equality of body.

Suchness of Tathagata, wisdom of practitioner, and fire in the altar,

All are equal as aspects of wisdom.

Power of Vows of Tathagata, Dharma activities of practitioner, and offerings made in the fire,

All are equal as aspects of holy karma.

These three kinds of subjects and objects are equally unified,

Thus all Dharma activities exhibit superior merits.

In this ritual there is inherently a special triple equality:

Mother Buddha is the fire altar, Father Buddha the fire,

The practitioner serves them as a child,

These three are in oneness to form the triple equality of body.

The heat of Father Buddha's Vajra, that of Mother Buddha's Lotus,

Outwardly appears as the fire in the altar,

These three are in oneness to form the triple equality of wisdom.

The supreme pleasure of Father Buddha, the wisdom bliss of Mother Buddha,

And the power of the practitioner's vows,

These three are in oneness to form the triple equality of karma.

Thus in supreme pleasure and bliss holy karmas are accomplished.

Merits of attraction from inducing practices will become obvious.


4.      Protection


       Two pieces of food, prepared in advance, are offered. One is white in color for vegetarian Gods and the other is red for carnivorous Gods.


       (a)   The Incantation to offer food to the Protectors:

Weng, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi.


       (b)       Prayer Stanza to the Protectors:

All the eight departments of protectors,

And all the Yaksas and your family,

Please take all this blessed and delicious food.

Protect all the Yogis and their families.

Let all of them be free and have long life!

Gather all merits and sow all best seeds!

And may you inspire all special enjoyments!

Especially help this inducing fire sacrifice,

And let me get all the accomplishments!

Please remember all your excellent vows,

Help me to gain all the attainments.

Get rid of all bad conditions and death,

Destroy all my obstacles and demons.

Pacify all terrible dreams and bad omens.

Protect us from all dangerous risks.

Help to make peace and rich harvests for all,

May plenty of all kinds of corn and Dharma,

And all good pleasures be helped by you!

Do help me to fulfill all my best wishes!

Those who have been divined to darkness

And cannot understand all the Tantras,

Not able to hear and see this secrecy,

Please leave here and go to the places where you belong.

If you don't take my advice right now,

I shall use the powerful and fiery Vajra

To destroy your head into many pieces!


       The Karma Vajra throws the two pieces of food in two different directions.


       (c)       Repeat the Four-Hong Incantation while throwing the mustard seeds:

       Repeat the Four-Hong Incantation to send the black deities away.

Weng, Song Ba Li, Song Ba Li, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng, Ge Li Ha Na, Ge Li Ha Na, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng, Ge Li Ha Na Ba Ya, Ge Li Ha Na Ba Ya, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng, A Na Ya Ho, Ba Ga Wen, Bi Ya Lan Zha, Hong Hong Pei!


       Then the Master visualizes the Vajra Net that covers all ten directions and is formed with the Vajra Net Mudra. Thus from the beginning of the Homa performance until its end, the altar and the Master and his family and followers are protected.


5.      Blessing the Offerings


       The Master holds the Vajra dippers together, repeats the incantation given below and visualizes much nectar falling down from Father and Mother Yidam upon all the offerings. Thus all worldly offerings become Vajra Nectar of boundless supply.

Weng, Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha!


6.      Arranging the Seat of the God of Fire and that of the Yidam


       Place auspicious grasses around the fire altar. Then arrange seats for the God of Fire and the Yidam.


      A.      Praising and Welcoming the Red God of Fire


       (a)       Praise:

Shine upon the dark becoming the bright.

Joy and warmth of Tummo grow and glow!

Secret Vajra Love induces Red Bodhi flow.

Please sit on this seat of universal light!


       (b)       Visualize the Red God of Fire:

"Lang" appears on the moon that is on a lotus.

From this "Lang" arises the Red God of Fire!

He has one face and two arms.

The right hand holds the stove.

The left hand holds a fairy bottle.

His hair is very long; his belly big.

He has a red Brahmin thread around his belly!


       (c)       Welcome the Fire God:

       The Master raises a bunch of auspicious grass up to the sky to welcome the Wisdom God of Fire and repeats the following incantation:

Zha Ge Hong Zha


       (d)       Praise:

You are the victorious Prince of Dharma.

You have got the initiation of good Karma!

Your wisdom fire can help induce harmony!

I, now, beg you to help this Homa!


      B.      Arranging the Auspicious Seat for the Yidam


       (a)       Arrange the seat for the Supreme Pleasure Vajra with the following stanza:

Originally pure and omnipresent Dharmakaya forms the seat outwardly.

Pure and wondrous desires that bring universal pleasure form the seat inwardly.

The Lotus of the pure and superior Mother Buddha is the seat secretly.

Pure and holy karmas of supreme pleasure form the most secret seat.

As you abide in the Twenty-four Mandalas at outer, inner and secret levels,

Please abide constantly on this seat to grant pure and supreme pleasures!


       (b)       Praise the Supreme Pleasure Vajra with the following stanza:


Veneration in the presence of the Oneness of Guru and Supreme Pleasure Vajra!


"He" signifies Non-born in realization of Sunyata that is beyond words.

"Ru" signifies Non-death that is free from causal conditions and relations.

"Ka" signifies Independence that is not abiding anywhere.

Salute and praise the Yidam that appears from transformation of Adi Buddha!


"Drinking" means enjoying the leak-free flower of supreme pleasure.

"Blood" means crystallized essence of the wisdom life of all Buddhas.

The holy one that unifies all merits of constancy, bliss, oneness and purity,

Salute and praise in the presence of the Yidam, the Supreme Pleasure Vajra!


Heavenly gown floating in the air, how lofty the majestic posture!

Vajra-cross above signifies holy activities accomplished at will.

The Bodhi crescent moon signifies incessant joy and bliss in Sunyata.

Salute and praise the supreme upper adornments of the Yidam!


Without entering a tiger's den how could one obtain the tiger's cubs?

Using poison as antidote to poison, take the skin of the tiger tamed.

Fearless emancipation attained through thrusting in and out the Lotus.

Salute and praise the wondrous lower awe-inspiring bearing of the Yidam!


All dharmas are originally pure, wondrous desires are pure beyond boundaries!

Innate great wisdom reveals the Samadhi in joy, pleasures and bliss.

Who could realize and taste the instant that transcends the Three Realms?

Salute and praise the Vajra Yogini in the embrace of the Yidam!


Having received the heart essence of Dharma my four thoughts are as solid as Vajra.

The four holy activities of pacification, enhancing, inducing and eradication are all accomplished at will.

Four kayas, four wisdoms and four virtuous merits are all coordinated suitably.

Salute and praise the Dakinis in the four directions of the Yidam!


Playing with supernatural powers, attained liberation in pure innocence,

Holding on to the sword of wisdom, guarding and sustaining Tantric practitioners,

With black crow head free from pollution, transforming incessantly in myriads ways,

Salute and praise the Protector that is a transformation of the Yidam!


Caves in mountains are very remote from the world, who would visit a cemetery ground?

Stepping down from lofty realm, the Yidam and retinue serve as mountain gods.

Compassionate vows so broad and profound in their determination to serve Dharma without reservation,

Salute and praise the Raksasa Refuges who are transformations of the Yidam!


I was as a baby looking up to the cloudless blue sky of autumn,

Prostrating at full-body length, pleading for the arrival of the day when my enlightenment wish will be satisfied,

Suddenly they appeared in the original purity of my mind,

Salute and praise the Twenty-four Mandalas of the Yidam!


The grace of the gathering of the Yidam and retinue in the Three Mandalas and their outer protectors,

Through repetition of only seven syllables karmic hindrances of myriads of kalpas will vanish.

Sublimating mind and consciousness, gaining mastery over grounds and paths,

Salute and praise the unsurpassable wondrous mantra of the Yidam!


Sentient beings in Kali Age have lustful desires extremely flamboyant.

Awe-fully profound and wondrous path is so dangerous and extremely difficult to traverse.

Like a snake inside a bamboo, it will either rise upward or fall downward.

Who will save them to liberation? Shedding compassionate tears I look up to the Mandala.


Wondrous teachings of Tantra are peerless, and will not be taught often in this Bhadrakalpa (Good Kalpa).

As if violating Silas but actually is observing them, the horse is held back at the cliff.

Facing hindrances and difficulties of wind and channel one is like a blind man in the middle of the night.

Who would render a helping hand? I cry and plead in the presence of Yidam and retinue.


Observing Silas and having renounced the world for Dharma, thus one has entered deep in the beginning part.

The wondrous Samadhi of Sunyata Brightness and growth in Bodhicitta,

Such are the causal factors that will inspire the presence of Vajra Yogini

To guide each and every Yogi on where they should apply efforts now or later.


Grace of Guru is so profound that it completely comprehends the situations of the disciples.

The consort of the Yidam loves me like a baby child.

Protectors are so merciful that they praise our good deeds and have pity on our weakness.

All virtuous ones cultivate opportune conditions to help our speedy attainments.


Please, please! The forceful thrust of Vajra in movements inward and outward,

Grant wondrous wisdoms to relieve all beings of the sorrowful burning heat in their minds!

Please, please! The wondrous turning of Lotus in movements forward and backward,

Grant supreme bliss to enable all beings to abide in tranquil and pleasant nests!


The Twenty-four Mandalas are still present without being hidden.

After all, for whom they stay around? I solemnly supplicate,

May the non-death supreme pleasure wisdom body be granted!

So that even the very last being in Samsara will be saved to adorn the great compassion!


       (c)   The Seven-branch Praise:

Salutation in the presence of applying pleasure to verify Sunyata!

Manifest desires in their original purity as profound offerings.

Complete with all Four Levels of Bliss in giving endorsement,

Connection of A (Tummo) and Hang (Dripping of white Bodhi) forms the praising.

Please turn the wheel of unchanging supreme pleasure, and

Abide forever in the Pureland of Lotus Light!

We dedicate merits toward all sentient beings' attainment of Supreme Pleasure Vajra!


7.      Blessing the Wood and Oil



With the calamity-like firewood,

Start up the wisdom fire.

After offering them,

All the Sages, beings, do have the Pleasure!

The pure and clean butter helps the wisdom fire,

May all sufferings in the six realms be burned out!


8.   Starting the Fire


       (a)   Start the fire:

       With the fire mudra turn around clockwise thrice on top of the fire altar while repeating, "Lang Lang Lang."

       Use a fan with the Tibetan syllable "Yang" to fan the fire thrice while repeating, "Yang, Yang, Yang." Then repeat:

Wisdom Wisdom Great Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Constant Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Samadhi Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Tranquility Wisdom!


       (b)       Offering to the God of Fire:


Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi.


You are the sovereign Prince of Dharma.

You have been blessed as King of Karma!

With special wisdom burn up the sorrow,

Help us in Vajra Love through this Homa!


       (c)       Prayer to the God of Fire:


I, the Acarya, and all the followers

Do have learned Dharma and done good Karma.

Any kind of obstacles before the Homa is done

Please send away from this Mandala!

Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Weng, Sha Wa Ba Bang, Xin Deng Gu Lu Ye, Suo Ha.


9.      Offering to the Supreme Pleasure Vajra


       (a)   Offer Bodhi-branches:


By offering branches of the supreme pleasure Bodhi tree,

May I instantaneously meet Vajra Yogini and embrace her!

Moving forward and backward through the Four Blisses,

In the Lotus Mandala the four activities may cultivate beings!

       Incantation (repeat thrice):

Weng, Xie Er Ban Zha, Hei Hei Lu Lu Kang, Hong Hong Pei, Zha Ge Ni, Zha Na Sang Ba Lang, Suo Ha, Weng, Po Ti Zhi Qia Ye, Suo Ha.


       (b)   Offer red-colored salt:


Of all tastes salt is the mother.

All dishes do mix salt together.

May we all be embraced by you!

You as my Guru and my Master!

Attract beings as children stay near!

Speech and actions regarded as epitome.

Just as flavor of salt harmonized with that of a dish,

May beings be induced to Dharma without hindrance!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho.


       (c)   Offer golden hook (dry shrimp):


One object satisfying three oral instructions:

Red, hook and fish are offerings for inducing.

May I quickly meet the red Vajra Dakini, and

Drink her Red Bodhi to save sentient beings!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho.


       (d)   Offer He Huan Pi (cooperative pleasure bark):


Things of essence or Sunyata are originally of one taste,

Then separated by jealousy rooted in ignorant grasping.

Sunyata-joy of Vajra Love accomplishes all holy karma.

Offering cooperative pleasure bark so that we may unite!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.


       (e)   Offer sea cucumber and abalone:


Outward shapes and inner forms of pleasure and bliss

Offered to plead for Yidam parents' blessing to reveal innate treasure.

Inward and outward, moving and turning, all manners of enjoyment

Will enable practitioners to experience wisdom bliss without bound!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.


       (f)    Offer one hundred and eight beef meatballs:


Outwardly materials of Five Elements, inwardly essence of Five Wisdoms,

Superior and wondrous balls that harmonized Red Bodhi and White Bodhi,

Not only will meritorious virtues grow through such an offering,

But also the Ten Powers and Five Wisdoms will thereby be accomplished.

To benefit sentient beings may we attain perfect compassion and wisdom!

Grant us good health, peace of mind and gather all opportune conditions to the Mandala!

Bless us with boundless and originally pure enjoyments of wondrous desires!

Through this offering may we accomplish all Five Kayas of Buddhahood!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Sha Wa  San Ba Dou, Suo Ha.


       (g)   Offer red silk:


Wondrous touch so smooth, wisdom bliss in Sunyata light, come with this silk!

After offering it physical body returns to Sunyata and rainbow body appears.

Without death it stays alive to continuously turn the wheel of Sunyata Bliss,

So as to save the very last being in Samsara and render all Buddhas vows fulfilled.


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha A Yu Kei, Hong, Suo Ha.


       (h)   Offer grass-root or offer needles and threads:


Deathless grass-root represents the Vajra body,

After offering it one attains longevity in the harmony of Sunyata Bliss.


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha A Yu Kei, Hong, Suo Ha.


       (i)    Offer Flames of Vajra Love:


When we offer the Mahasukha (supreme pleasure)

Our Dakinis get more Ananda (bliss).

In Twenty-four Mandalas and Three Places,

Each couple has a special Asana (posture).

In sentient beings and non-sentient things

Nowhere is there without such manners.

Look! Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon,

Look! Yin and Yang, pestle and mortar,

Convex and concave, protrusion and hollow,

All sorts of handles and sockets, keys and locks,

Surely there is no one, no where

Without the Great Pleasure Karma.

Voidness, Haveness, help each other,

All are in the Union of Dharma.

She who possesses all virtuous merits,

Should come here and serve the Altar!

Outwardly all things in the Dharmadhatu,

Inwardly the sensual feelings of all beings,

Secretly the Vajra Love union of Buddhas,

All harmonized in the bliss of the Tathata (Suchness).

All in the Dharmadhatu become one couple.

Movements of Spring songs produce great Ananda.

As consequences of the six kinds of earthquake

The globe shaken, and Mara slaughtered.

Enlightenment pervades everywhere.

All sentient beings become Buddha.


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.


       (j)    Offer Red Bodhi and White Bodhi:


Through offering of Red Bodhi and White Bodhi,

May we soon attain the fruits via the Third Initiation!

May we possess all five kinds of supreme Bodhicitta!

And render all beings to become supreme Vajrasattva!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng Ban Zha Sa Duo, Hong.


(k)   Offer refined cheese:


Made from pure and holy milk,

This wondrous refined cheese is offered.

The highest among the Five Bodhicittas,

May we soon attain Mahasukhakaya as we wish!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.


(l)    Offer walnuts:


Wondrous joy of Chan, who attained its marrows?

Four joys of Tantric practice, who arrived at the ultimate sphere?

Matching outer form and inner sense through this concord offering,

May we obtain realization that completely harmonizes the two truths!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ke Ba Ya, Suo Ha.


 (m) Offer red dates:

       Ten Soon Stanza:

Soon break all doubts and be happy!

Soon meet all dakinis and work together!

Soon increase all practices and obtain fulfillment!

Soon apply all mercies and conquer devils!

Soon grasp supreme teachings and produce miracles!

Soon attain original Wisdom and have the ten powers!

Soon turn the wondrous Dharma Wheel by all means!

Soon purify the worldlings by wonderful speeches!

Soon illuminate the Dharmadhatu with the light of Dharma!

Soon show the Buddha realm to all sentient beings!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ke Ba Ya, Suo Ha.


(n)   Offer fresh fruits:


Compassionate aspirations to benefit others is the fruit of Nirmanakaya.

Completion of merits and wisdom is the fruit of Sambhogakaya.

Dependence-free light of original purity is the fruit of Dharmakaya.

The above three indistinguishable is the fruit of Sahajakaya.

Wisdom rainbow-body born of great pleasure is the fruit of Mahasukhakaya.

Soon comprehend union of Sunyata and bliss to attain perfect fruit of Buddhahood!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, Sha Wa No Ga, Wa Xiang Gu Lu Ho, Weng, Ban Zha Ke Ba Ya, Suo Ha.


       (o)   Offer the eight offerings:


When offering water supreme pleasure causes Hang drops to drip down!

When offering flowers supreme wisdom ignites Tummo to flare up!

When offering incense the essential drops pervade the whole body!

When offering light brightness of wisdom and bliss pervade the Dharmakaya!

When offering perfume all fine and special features of Buddha become mine!

When offering foods wondrous desires are constantly fulfilled at will!

When offering music all sorts of enjoyment and pleasure are gathered!

To benefit all sentient beings may we soon attain the Yidam, Supreme Pleasure Vajra!


Weng, Xie Ha Ha Hong Hong Pei, Weng, A Gang, Ba Dang, Bu Bei, Du Bei, A Nu Gei, Gen Deng, Nu Wei Dou, Xia Da, Zhua Di Zha Ye, Suo Ha.


10. Giving thanks to the God of Fire



Brightness shines, warmth and heat felt.

As incense smokes float and spread so are the grand Dharma activities.

Nectars from Supreme Pleasure Vajra moisten the whole universe,

While the grace of the God of Fire extends throughout the Dharmadhatu.


Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi, Weng A Hong.


11. Dedication of the Merits


       (a)       General One:

Wisdom life was born of Gurus.

Corporeal life was born of parents.

Offerings were born of donors.

Fire, the fire god; water, Dragon King.

Place belongs to the country; companions are others.

In all these there is neither I nor mine.

Good coming from whatever causes and conditions

Is the natural fruit of those causes and conditions.

The great tranquility that all beings possess originally

Is beyond the sphere of causes and consequences.

May this Homa that transcends causes and consequences

Bring about the great fruit of great causes!

All calamities, sufferings and hindrances to meditation,

Those arise before attaining the great fruit,

May they all be pacified in the light of Dharma nature!


       (b)       Special One:

May the inducing power of your Supreme Mandala and Holy Vows, and the power of wisdom and compassion attained through Vajra Love with Dakinis, and the power of the Master's Bodhicitta in harmony with Dharma nature, attract all supreme pleasures at levels outer, inner and secret!


12.      Amendment


       Repeat thrice the 100-Word Incantation of Vajrasattva.


13. Repeat Original Vows


       Recite the practitioner's Bodhi Vows to pray for continuous and never ending progress of Dharma activities.


14. Mudra


       Hold the Mudra of Supreme Pleasure Vajra.


15.      Circumambulation


       Circumambulate clockwise the Homa platform thrice as gesture of reverence, and then bow thrice to Supreme Pleasure Vajra in reverence to express gratitude.


Auspicious Completion


July 22, 2005

El Cerrito, California


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