Homa Ritual Honoring Heavenly King Vaisravana


Based on the Chinese Ritual by Guru Chen

Rearranged for Practice and Translated into English by his disciple Dr. Yutang Lin

(With Guru Chen's original English stanzas preserved as many as appropriate)


1.Getting Permission from the Goddess of the Earth


       Visualize the Goddess of the Earth with a yellow body as suddenly appearing from the earth and accepting the blessing of the Master who is no different from the Yidam, Heavenly King Vaisravana. After she offers her approbation, she disappears.       The Master wields the Vajra toward the center of the borrowed place where the fire altar is situated to create there a Vajra-cross foundation. Repeat the incantation of Heavenly King Vaisravana and the following half-stanza:

Abiding in the limitless oneness of Dharmadhatu,

The palace of Heavenly King Vaisravana appears within.


2.Generating Bodhicitta



To undertake all sorts of holy activities of Tathagatas in salvation of beings,

      Boundless wealth of worldly or holy kind is hereby gathered for proper uses!

      In oneness with the Tantric master Vajrapani, who possesses magnetic power,

The ocean-like vows of Heavenly King Vaisravana are hereby all roaring up!


3.Blessing the Bell, Vajra and Drum



       Visualize that Father and Mother Steadfast Buddha become lights that go into the Vajra and Bell, respectively. Visualize the moon on the right palm and the sun on the left one. With the right hand holding the Vajra and the left one holding the Bell, recite: "Ma Ha, Ban Zha, Hong" and "Ban Zha, Ga Za, A." (All incantations are written in Pin Yin, in accordance with Guru Chen's pronunciation.) Use the Vajra to touch the heart chakra three times, simultaneously ring the Bell three times.



As the treasury that produces five wisdoms and five treasures,

      All treasures clink like the sounds of striking gold and jade,

      Arbitrarily gathered at will beyond ordinary comprehension,

All superior and common stocks grow for Dharma activities.


       (c)Incantation of Blessing the Bell and Vajra:

Weng, Sha Wa Da Ta Ga Da, Xi Di Ban Zha, San Ma Ya, Di Cha, Ei Qia Si Dang, Da La Ya Mi, Ban Zha Sa Duo, Hei Hei Hei Hei Hei, Hong Hong Hong Pei, Suo Ha.

       (d)Incantation of Requesting the Blessing of All Buddhas:

       Then, while reciting the incantation of Requesting the Blessing of All Buddhas, use the Vajra to touch the heart chakra to awake all the Buddhas that are in one's own Buddha-nature and with the opening of the Bell facing the top of the Master's head, turn the Bell around three times counter-clockwise, then three times clockwise, thus all Buddhas in the ten directions are requested to give blessing.

Weng, Ban Zha, Geng Zha La Li Da, Zhua La Li Da, Shuang Zhua La Li Da, Sha Wa Bu Da Ken Zha, Zhua Zha Li Lei, Zhua Zha Ba Li Mi, Geng Zha Da Na Ya, Shuang Ha Bi Da, Ban Zha Da Ma Xi Da Ya, Sha Wa Qia Li, Hong Hong Hong, Ho Ho Ho, A Kang Suo Ha.




       Two pieces of food, prepared in advance, are offered. One is white in color for vegetarian Gods and the other is red for carnivorous Gods.


       (a)The Incantation to offer food to the Protectors:

Weng, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi.


       (b) Prayer Stanza to the Protectors:

All the eight departments of protectors,

And all the Yaksas and your family,

Please take all this blessed and delicious food.

Protect all the Yogis and their families.

Let all of them be free and have long life!

Gather all merits and sow all best seeds!

And may you inspire all special enjoyments!

Especially help this optimizing fire sacrifice,

And let me get all the accomplishments!

Please remember all your excellent vows,

Help me to gain all the attainments.

Get rid of all bad conditions and death,

Destroy all my obstacles and demons.

Pacify all terrible dreams and bad omens.

Protect us from all dangerous risks.

Help to make peace and rich harvests for all,

May plenty of all kinds of corn and Dharma,

And all good pleasures be helped by you!

Do help me to fulfill all my best wishes!

Those who have been divined to darkness

And cannot understand all the Tantras,

Not able to hear and see this secrecy,

Please leave here and go to the places where you belong.

If you don't take my advice right now,

I shall use the powerful and fiery Vajra

To destroy your head into many pieces!


       The Karma Vajra throws the two pieces of food in two different directions.


       (c)Repeat the Four-Hong Incantation while throwing the mustard seeds:

       Repeat the Four-Hong Incantation to send the black deities away.

Weng, Song Ba Li, Song Ba Li, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng, Ge Li Ha Na, Ge Li Ha Na, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng, Ge Li Ha Na Ba Ya, Ge Li Ha Na Ba Ya, Hong Hong Pei!

Weng, A Na Ya Ho, Ba Ga Wen, Bi Ya Lan Zha, Hong Hong Pei!


       Then the Master visualizes the Vajra Net that covers all ten directions and is formed with the Vajra Net Mudra. Thus from the beginning of the Homa performance until its end, the altar and the Master and his family and followers are protected.


5.Blessing the Offerings


       The Master holds the Vajra dippers together, repeats the incantation given below and visualizes much nectar falling down from Father and Mother Yidam upon all the offerings. Thus all worldly offerings become Vajra Nectar of boundless supply.

Weng, Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha!


6.Arranging the Seat of the God of Fire and that of the Yidam


       Place auspicious grasses around the fire altar. Then arrange seats for the God of Fire and the Yidam.


      A.Praising and Welcoming the Golden God of Fire



Shine upon the dark becoming the bright.

Drive away the demons with big fire!

Your kind smile sends away the sorrows.

Please sit on this good seat and admire!


       (b)Visualize the Golden God of Fire:

"Lang" appears on the moon that is on a lotus.

From this "Lang" arises the golden God of Fire!

He has one face and two arms.

The right hand holds the stove.

The left hand holds a fairy bottle.

His hair is very long; his belly big.

He has a golden Brahmin thread around his belly!


       (c)Welcome the Fire God:

       The Master raises a bunch of auspicious grass up to the sky to welcome the Wisdom God of Fire and repeats the following incantation:

Zha Ge Hong Zha



You are the victorious Prince of Dharma.

You have got the initiation of good Karma!

Your wisdom fire can get rid of obstacles!

I, now, beg you to help this Homa!


      B.Arranging the Auspicious Seat for the Yidam


       (a)Arrange the seat for the Heavenly King Vaisravana with the following stanza:

Eight lions and gems around your seat outwardly,

Your endless merits are your seat inwardly,

The Vajra Love is your wisdom seat secretly,

The golden light is your seat mostly secretly!


       (b)Visualization of the Master as Vajrapani:

On the Lotus there is the sun as his cushion.

Standing at the center of the sun is a blue Hong,

From this Hong Vajrapani arose with a wrathful face and two arms.

His hair is reddish yellow and stands on end with anger.

On his head there is Buddha Aksobhya as his ornament.

His right hand holds a Vajra and lifts it upward.

His left hand holds a Vajra-bell whose mouth is facing the outside.

Eight dragons appear as snakes to adorn around his body.

He wears an apron of tiger skin.

His right leg bents a little bit, and left leg extends obliquely.

His powerful countenance can force Yaksas to follow Vaisravana and obey his orders,

Thus accomplishing whatever the Master commands.


       (c)Visualization of Heavenly King Vaisravana in front:

The seed-word Bei appears in front of the Master.

It transforms into a white lion in brightness, and on its back

The Heavenly King Vaisravana sits on a sun cushion above a lotus.

His body is brawny and of golden color.

His right hand holds a silk umbrella with many gems hanging from it.

His left hand holds the gem-spitting pet, Lie Wu Li, which can spit as many gems as desired.

His whole body is decorated and dignified with five-color gems.

From every pore of his skin all sorts of gems and jewels are pouring out incessantly.

A precious mirror on his chest transmits lights to all ten directions,

Thereby helping sentient beings to increase their wisdom and merits.

Dakinis and protectors in great multitude are gathering around him.

He fixes his gaze on the Master who is now identified with the Yidam Vajrapani.

Smiling, he is remembering all his vows taken before Vajrapani.

He is now taking care of whatever Vajrapani commands him to do!


       (d)Praise the Heavenly King Vaisravana:

Possessing the Patience of Non-born and having attained the Steadfast Ground,

      Beyond the reach of Sravakas and Pratyeka-Buddhas,

      At will with lifespan, mind, wealth and other wonderful qualities total ten,

Grant me growth in Great Compassion and all other meritorious powers!


       (e)The Stanzas of Supplication:

Wealth gained by wantonly issuing currency beyond redeemable limits,

      Wealth gained by taking opportunities to nullify paper currencies already issued,

      Wealth gained by selling gold in public and yet secretly buying and stocking it,

      Wealth gained by selling official positions and titles and blackmailing citizens,

      Wealth gained by skillful creation of topics to wantonly increase taxation,

      Wealth gained by engaging in the trading of opium that harms people's health,

      Wealth gained by manufacturing poisonous items and secretly selling them,

Wealth gained by taxation on official prostitutes and official selling of opium,

Wealth gained by taxation on tobacco and alcohol that are harmful to health,

Wealth gained by graft in the political arena is nothing but greedy pursuit,

All these stemmed from not recognizing the sacred wealth originated from right activities.

Wealth gained by wicked businessmen through illegal employment of incorrect measures,

Wealth gained by not paying taxes through tax evasion and customs avoidance,

Wealth gained by powerful local lords through usury and layers of commission,

Wealth gained by unlawful practices of transferring public funds for personal gains,

Wealth gained by fraudulent business setups that trick people into loss deals,

And up to wealth gained by shooting to death thieves and robbers,

All these stemmed from not recognizing the sacred wealth originated from right activities.

What Confucian scholars called as wealth gained by being rich without kindness,

And what the Christians called as wealth gained by money as root of calamities,

May your Holiness spare me from these but to grant me the following two kinds:

Worldly wealth to sustain the practitioner, the Dharma center and Dharma activities,

And holy wealth transcending the worldly realms in terms of Wisdom and Compassion,

May they all gather in accordance with the Dharma and the proper amount needed!


       (f)Repeat thrice the long mantra:

Na Mo Ye La Zha Ya Ya, Na Mo Bai Xia Wa Na Ya, Ma Ha La Zha Ya, Da Ya Ta, Weng, She Yi Mi, She Yi Mi, Su Mu Su Mu, Sha Yi Da Sha Yi Da, Sha La Sha La, Ga La Ga La, Gei Ni Gei Ni, Gu Ru Gu Ru, Zhu Ru Zhu Ru, Mu Ru Mu Ru, Sha Ha A Ha Na, Ma Li Li Na Ya, Da Ya Da Na, Da Du Ye Suo Ha.


       (g)Further Supplication with the following stanza:

       Sinful karmas of sentient beings are so profound and horrible

       That they cannot see Buddha for hundreds and thousands of kalpas.

       Floating in the cycles of life and death and experiencing sufferings,

       To save such beings Buddhas appear in the world.

       The Great Heavenly King had long attained this Gate of Liberation;

       May Your Holiness grant me accomplishments in Six Supernatural Powers!

       Please help cultivate the supernatural power of Heavenly Eyes

       So that I can see the suffering situations in the Hells!

       Please help cultivate the supernatural power of Heavenly Ears

       So that I can hear the mournful crying of ghosts!

       Please help cultivate the supernatural power of Knowing Past Lives

       So that I can know the past lives of animals!

       Please help cultivate the supernatural power of Knowing Others' Intentions

       So that I can know the intentions of sentient beings!

       Please help cultivate the supernatural power of Transformation at Will

       So that I can possess the Eight Merits to save all sentient beings!

       Please help cultivate the supernatural power of No Leaks

       So that I can reveal the Dharmakaya to all sentient beings!

       All treasures that Buddha's eyes can see,

       All spheres where Buddha's powers can reach,

       All lights that are emitting from Buddha's body,

       May the discovery of these worldly wealth and transcendental wealth be granted!


7.Blessing the Wood and Oil



With the calamity-like firewood,

Start up the wisdom fire.

After offering them,

All the Sages, beings, do have the Pleasure!

The pure and clean butter helps the wisdom fire,

May all sufferings in the six realms be burned out!


8.Starting the Fire


       (a)Start the fire:

       With the fire mudra turn around clockwise thrice on top of the fire altar while repeating, "Lang Lang Lang."

       Use a fan with the Tibetan syllable "Yang" to fan the fire thrice while repeating, "Yang, Yang, Yang." Then repeat:

Wisdom Wisdom Great Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Constant Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Samadhi Wisdom!

Wisdom Wisdom Tranquility Wisdom!


       (b)Offering to the God of Fire:


Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi.


You are the sovereign Prince of Dharma.

You have been blessed as King of Karma!

With special wisdom burn up the sorrow,

Help us to fulfill the good wishes through Homa!


       (c)Prayer to the God of Fire:


I, the Acarya, and all the followers

Do have learned Dharma and done good Karma.

Any kind of obstacles before the Homa is done

Please send away from this Mandala!

Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Weng, Sha Wa Ba Bang, Xin Deng Gu Lu Ye, Suo Ha.


9.Offering to the Heavenly King Vaisravana


       (a)Offer Bodhi-branches:


The Bodhi-branches form natural and great area

To provide shade for the original state that is innate.

After offering it, all sorts of treasures will shower down

From the precious tree without ending of such generosity.

       Incantation (repeat thrice):

Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Po Ti Zhi Qia Ye, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

The power of renunciation and confession,

The power of thirty-seven branches of Bodhi,

The power of Evolutional Yoga,

The power of Sunyata and mercy,

The power of the Great Perfection,

The power of the Five Buddhakayas,

Kindly help me to get them instantly!


       (b)Offer five kinds of grain:


Please increase our spiritual food of endurance and diligence.

Please increase our spiritual food of Samadhi and longevity.

Please increase our spiritual food of Mahasukha Prajna.

After offering these five kinds of grain may we have perfect merits!


       (c)Offer golden yellow silk:


With the offering of this soft and wonderful silk

May Mahasukha become our realization!


Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha, Weng A Hong, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

Outwardly, wealth and treasures, internally, essences,

Secretly, wondrous lotus of timely ripen flowers, and

Most secretly, the Ten Powers and Eighteen Qualities of Buddha,

May all these soon be completely well developed!


       (d)Offer three whites:


After offering all holy and pure milk products of three kinds

May we encounter Dakinis to increase the joy of Wisdom!


Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa, Sang Ba Dou, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

When we fall into attachment,

Help us to keep the commandments.

When obstacles occur, help us to get the Sunyata attainment.

When disturbances occur,

Help us to subdue them in contemplation.

When the sleepy mind occurs,

Help us to transmute it in meditation.

When we are dreaming,

Help us to recognize it as such.

When Yama comes, let us have a long life.

When we are in need, give us your help.

When our practice wanes, help us get patience.

When death comes, help us attain the Dharmakaya.

When Bardo comes, help us to get the Sambhogakaya.

When birth comes, help us to get the Nirmanakaya.

When we are able to save beings, help us to accomplish it.

When outsiders come, help us to convert them!

May we obtain all your powers!


       (e)Offer three sweets:


As the wondrous flavor of the Eighth Bhumi that Your Holiness attained,

After this offering may we realize the same Dharma stage of Non-born!


Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Sha Wa, Sang Ba Dou, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

The base of discriminative wisdom

Is like the cloudless sky of autumn.

Therefrom we may get realization,

To help beings attain pure kingdom.


       (f)Offer powder of five gems or gold foil:


Light-illumined Mani king!

Golden Star Mani king!

Many Transformations Mani king!

Worldly, unworldly Gems I do win!


Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Ban Zha, Mu Ni, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

In the Kali age all get money through sin!

Only few ask for your holy help and win!

To this, the real and true Yogi Master,

Please do bless with all your powers.

Help me in this Homa for sentient beings.

You help me who helps all of the others.

Please do remember your good vows.

Please often keep with me your kindness!


       (g)Offer needles and threads:


All wishes of all good purposes gathered as a sea,

Within one conception all three periods included.

At no moment no being should one renounce.

May realization of boundless longevity be gathered!


Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Ban Zha, A Yu Ke, Hong, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

Mind and energy induce all the dust-like beings.

May one life connect with all lives' kalpas!

When I live long many will be benefited.

I will do the Great Karma as you wished.


       (h)Offer Mahasukha pills:


Based upon the Great Pleasure Power,

Lift up big and long Vajra Banner.

Let the Wisdom Sword cut off all sorrows

And enable us to practice the Third Initiation!


Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Ban Zha, Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

You are the Master of the Yaksa Dakinis.

They do obey your commands and come.

May you and your family bless me to gain

Accomplishment through vajra-love soon!


       (i)Offer fresh flowers:


Your chief Dakini and the Dakinis at the four cardinal directions,

Plus the Dakinis at the four corners and those outside the inner circle,

Form nets of countless wisdom companions that gather like clouds.

With their help each pore of skin is fulfilled with Sunyata-joy.


Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Ban Zha, Ma Ha Su Ka, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

All connected together like a flower garland,

May all Dakinis of the three places come!

Protectresses of worldly and extramundane wealth,

May you gather around the lotus mandala!


       (j)Offer fresh fruits:


Five kinds of fruits such as apples and the rest

Are like the gems-and-jewels-producing Mani.

After offering these the right result will follow,

May we attain the full Enlightenment soon!


Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, Ban Zha, Ke Ba Ya, Suo Ha.

Supplication Stanza:

Compassionate aspirations to benefit others is the fruit of Nirmanakaya.

Completion of merits and wisdom is the fruit of Sambhogakaya.

Light of original purity is the fruit of Dharmakaya.

The above three indistinguishable is the fruit of Sahajakaya.

Wisdom light born of great pleasure is the fruit of Mahasukhakaya.

Soon fulfill wisdom and compassion to attain perfect fruit of Buddhahood.


       (k)Offer the eight offerings:


When offering water may wealth pour in soon!

When offering flowers may all Dakinis arrive soon!

When offering incense may those with smell-of-musk lotus come!

When offering light may Dharmakaya light be found!

When offering perfume may silas be kept for long!

When offering foods may holy Samadhi last long!

When offering music may Dharma spread with resonance!


Weng, Bai Xia Wa Na Ye, Suo Ha, Weng, A Gang, Ba Dang, Bu Bei, Du Bei, A Nu Gei, Gen Deng, Nu Wei Dou, Xia Da, Zhua Di Zha Ye, Suo Ha.


10.Giving thanks to the God of Fire



Brightness shines, warmth and heat felt.

As incense smokes float and spread so are the grand Dharma activities.

Gems from Heavenly King Vaisravana benefit the whole universe,

While the grace of the God of Fire extends throughout the Dharmadhatu.


Weng, A Na Ye, Sha Ba Li Wa La, Ka Ka, Ka Xi, Ka Xi, Weng A Hong.


11.Dedication of the Merits


       (a)       General One:

If I and my followers and my sponsors have done anything which may make the Gods or Goddesses, Buddhas, Herukas unhappy, may this Homa performance be a confession. If my followers and sponsors have violated some silas or vinayas, have been disturbed by false views, and consequently have been deserted by protectors, may this Homa be a redemption and get the permission to be forgiven. May the merits of Homa be helpful toward the attainment of Buddhahood!


       (b)       Special One:

May the power of your great will and Holy Karma, and the power of the True Dharma nature, and the power of the Master's Bodhicitta, deserve your helpfulness and your pleasure!




       Repeat thrice the 100-Word Incantation of Vajrasattva.


13.Repeat Original Vows


       Recite the practitioner's Bodhi Vows to pray for continuous and never ending progress of Dharma activities.




       Hold the Mudra of Vajrapani and then that of the Heavenly King Vaisravana.




       Circumambulate clockwise the Homa platform thrice as gesture of reverence, and then bow thrice to Heavenly King Vaisravana in reverence to express gratitude.


Auspicious Completion


May 10, 2005

El Cerrito, California




Added by Yutang Lin on Feb. 24, 2008 on the significance of this ritual



At the end of the fire puja I explained to all present that, in Guru Chen's tradition, when we pray for wealth via fire puja, we perform fire puja to the Great Northern Heavenly King because he is very generous. And even though we pray for wealth, if you follow the ritual, you will know that we pray not only for worldly wealth, but also for spiritual wealth, and that means growth in wisdom and compassion, and sooner realization of more and more attainments on the enlightenment path. Furthermore, the worldly wealth that we prayed for is also aiming at application in Dharma services. Hence, there is no greed in such prayers, but only Bodhi motivations and goals.



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