Averting All Hindrances Mantra

Translated from Chinese by Dr. Yutang Lin

Fearless, fear-free Pacify all fears Give fearlessness Transcend through awakening
Nothing to disturb Pacify all disturbances Nothing to argue Refrain from disputing No anger hovered Nothing to die for
Pure awe-inspiring Awe-inspiring tracks Great awe-inspiring Eternal tranquillity
Approach Compassion Remove flaws Reveal truths Neither fall short nor over
The common meaning The auspicious meaning Nectar statements Seeing the essentials
To guide and control With open mind The sequence of activities Never reach end
Brightness un-born Born of purity Fresh, clean and light-shinning statements
Equality in accordance with equal mind Reach the unsurpassable
Silas set up by Buddha are pure No transgression No disobeying
Conquer devil's arena Victorious over other paths Shinning the clarity of Dharma Convert through giving teachings Open up Dharma treasures


This awe-inspiring mantra was bestowed by Sakyamuni Buddha as recorded in Section 20 of the Buddha Expounding on the Ocean Dragon King Sutra (Fo Shuo Hai Long Wang Jing). Not long ago some Polish Buddhists were inquiring about this mantra; therefore, Stanley Lam searched for it and copied it for me. This mantra consists of meaningful expressions, and hence I am interested in translating it into English so that more Buddhists could practice it and benefit from such a practice. The original mantra is continuous without breaking into sections. In order to facilitate understanding and memorization, I have rendered the text into 10 consecutive lines.

Earlier today I mailed one box of books to a Buddhist library in Romania, and in the afternoon I mailed two boxes of books to a Buddhist library in Arizona. After that the muscle in my left upper leg felt some pain. However, this evening as soon as I started preparing for this translation the uneasy feeling just vanished. Thanks to Buddha's blessing through this mantra.

Yutang Lin
Prepared for translation and translated from the Chinese version on August 1, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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