Heart Mantra Wheel


From: Yutang Lin
To: Dharma Friends
Sent: November 30,2010 7:49 AM
Subject: Heart Mantra Wheel

Disciple Pure Dragon asked me to send him my calligraphy of my Heart Mantra in high resolution file so he can print a large banner for display at their center.

So I wrote it as my Heart Mantra Wheel, using the heart mantra card as displayed at http://www.originalpurity.org/gurul../../b5files/a0/a0055.html as a visual reference for the position of the words. Without using any measuring instruments I had produced a nice looking mantra wheel with the seed syllable Xie (Sri) at its center.

Attached is a low resolution file. I will send the high resolution one to Pure Dragon.

We will post this among appendix to Lian Yi book.

May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!



2010/11/29 Yutang Lin

Got it.
Then it is better in Chinese because that looks nicer.


From: Jacek Budzinski []
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010 1:35 AM
To: Yutang Lin
Subject: Re: 2nd RE:

I dont know what is the difference but please it is up to You what is better.  I m going to print large banner and hang on the wall where we are meditate.


2010/11/29 Yutang Lin

Do you want it in Chinese or in Pin Yin?


From: Jacek Budzinski
Sent: Sunday, November 28, 2010 11:22 PM
To: Yutang Lin

May I ask for calligraphy of Your heart mantra in good resolution ?   for printing large picture?

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