An Explanation on Warmth Felt through Blessing

Yutang Lin

Disciple Zhong Zhi wrote in his report on our first meeting that he sensed warmth in my presence, and more so when I gave him blessing through putting my hand on his top. Later whenever he thought of me, the sensation of warmth would rise up and become strong again, and he did not know why it was so. His original words in Chinese are quoted below:

The explanation in terms of Dharma teachings is as follows: The warmth he sensed is potentially present in each one of us. Due to worldly engagements the ability to have the benefit of this warmth had been curtailed to certain extent in many people. When he was sincere and had faith in meeting me, the blessing from the lineage through me awoke his natural ability. When I put my hand on his head, the direct physical contact made the flow of energy much stronger, so he sensed it more strongly. Later when he was not in my physical presence his thoughts of me connected my presence in the Dharmakaya to his mind, and that was enough to bring forth the blessings to him, and so he again sensed the same strong sensation of warmth.

This short explanation is given to teach him and to benefit all who come across this work.

March 22, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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Disciple Detong wanted to have the English explanation I gave in this short article translated into Chinese to benefit Chinese readers. So I told her that Disciple Stanley would be the suitable person to do it. Now Stanley, upon her request, had provided us with an excellent Chinese version. I improved it by modifying only a few words.

The work containing both English and Chinese versions is attached.

May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!


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