Hundred-year Wish Fulfilled



簡繁轉換 - 繁體


Recently I came across a manuscript sent from disciple Deng Guan in 2010. The content is his daily Dharma practice, and it consists of 7 pages as large as the one shown above. He was 90 years old then. I noticed that, among his three Bodhi wishes, the first (in Chinese, the first vertical sentence at far right) is, as I translated it here: May I propagate Dharma in this world until I will be over-Hundred-year-old! Daily he was diligent in practicing copying Sutras, repeating ″Amitabha″, and reciting poems on Dharma as composed by me. Thus, he propagated Dharma through setting examples. In 2020, he passed away peacefully during an afternoon nap, at the age of 101. Hence, his first Bodhi wish did come true and was fulfilled in Buddha′s grace.

June 17, 2023
El Cerrito, California


養和齋        於加州



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