Juque Inkstone



簡繁轉換 - 繁體


Over a decade ago, once while I was visiting Beijing, a Dharma friend in Yunnan happened to have an opportunity to visit Beijing for a few days. In the early hours of the morning of his departure from Yunnan he saw a Jueque inkstone in a dream and was told in the dream to offer me this inkstone. Since his departure time was only a few hours away, he rushed to the street where souvenirs for tourists were abundant in many stores to try to find the inkstone he saw in the dream. As he entered the first store, he saw the exact same inkstone on display there. Hence, he purchased it right away and brought it to me in Beijing. This morning I thought of this inkstone and took it out to take a look. Hence, I took a photo to share the inspirational event with people who are interested in this kind of anecdotes.

June 13, 2023
El Cerrito, California


養和齋        於加州



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