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簡繁轉換 - 繁體


Thanks to disciple Tara Nancy for pointing out to me that one of the photos taken during the fire puja to Rainbow-body Guru Rinpoche shows a dragon head at left and my face at right in the flame.
I found the photo and outline the area for easier location of the miraculous image.
Disciple Ji Hu pointed out that the photo was taken during the third stage of firewood coming down.
It is truly amazing that fire can show one′s face with such close resemblance!




Among the photos taken during the fire puja to the Dragon King, I noticed one, numbered 34, showing a lady with a beautiful continence and two palms folded, standing on a dragon, and the dragon’s large head in front of her lower body.
I think, this is an auspicious sign of Dragon Queen’s presence at the fire puja.
In the Precious Vase Guan Yin Thangka, the Dragon Queen is also depicted as standing on a dragon, indicating her active participation in Dharma activities. (
Disciple Ji Hu marked up the image area to help discerning the image area.
Both the original photo and the marked-up photo are attached.

在昨天大海龍王火供的相片中,我注意到有一張,34號, 顯示一位美顏的女士,雙掌合十,立於龍上,而龍的巨頭遮住了她的下半身。

December 8, 2022
El Cerrito, California

養和齋        於加州





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