Three Dharma Seals


Yutang Lin


簡繁轉換 - 繁體




Twenty years ago, a Buddhist in China contacted me through mails, and he wanted to offer me a seal stone, so he purchased a large one. But then he lost contact with me, and hence, he just stored it away at home. Recently he contacted me through our websites and took refuge in our lineage. He asked me what to carve on the seal stone, so I said: River flowing into great ocean, smoothly without hindrance to reach perpetual settlement. It is a blessing message to wish that Dharma practitioners will advance smoothly without hindrance in returning to the totality of direct experiences, and ultimately reach perpetual tranquility.









Recently a disciple got two seal stones made of Lan Tian jade as presents for me. It is a famous kind of Jade in China, and its degree of hardness is high—usually this kind of jade can be carved only with laser tools. However, a master seal engraver was found, and he can carve the seal by hand. The disciple asked me about what to carve on the seals, and for the one above I gave the phrase: Totality of Direct Experiences is Harmonious without Hindrance. And for the seal below: Mind Free from Grasping Has No Hindrance; Great Ocean Found No Drips.








March 17, 2021
El Cerrito, California

養和齋    於加州





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