Trinity of Mahakala in Brotherhood

When an ant carries some of my food to his nest, though it is a short distance to me, yet it takes the ant a long time; therefore, I help it by bringing the food to the hole of his nest and saving the ant's time and strength. So, with tears I think of my path to Full Enlightenment and my work for reaching it. If it could be helped by you, the Holy Brothers, I would attain it very quickly and easily. Even all Buddhas are under the white umbrella of our mother—Sita Tara. You, the Holy Brothers, eventually work for our Mother, and would not allow the 404 kinds of diseases, eight great calamities, four demons and various wicked ghosts to be my obstacles on the way to Full Enlightenment. Please kindly do help me as I do the ant.

Buddhist Tantric Golden Prayer Book
The Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen


二臂大黑天三兄弟 簡繁轉換 - 繁體







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